Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: Time To Hit Brakes On ‘Radical’ Pace Of Immigration

Jeff Sessions
T. J. Kirkpatrick / Getty Images

On Breitbart News Sunday Sirius XM radio with host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions discussed the findings of his Senate Judiciary Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee, which document how births to current Americans will be vastly outnumbered by mass immigration unless Congress hits the “pause” button on issuing new green cards.

In an impassioned interview, Sessions challenged donor-driven Republicans who are “too close to the corporate class,” for supporting a “radical” pace of immigration that would push the U.S. past all known records.

“America is surging past all historical [immigration] levels. I think it’s time to slow down,” Session declared.

Sessions offered a series of detailed facts to demonstrate the true scope of immigration and the depth of public desire to see those levels curbed.

“By a three-to-one majority of Americans they say we should reduce the flow of immigration rather than increase it. I think it’s time for politicians to look at this. They don’t know these numbers and they’re not listening to the American people,” Sessions said.

The exclusive chart provided to Breitbart News documents how for every one net American born — i.e. births minus deaths — “the federal government will add seven more people to the country through future immigration.”

When asked why politicians are not pushing to enact the immigration reductions desired by their constituents, Sessions explained that Washington politicians are “too close to the corporate class,” who see higher wages for workers as a bad thing because it increases labor costs. “If you read the business publications, and wages go up, they think it’s bad.”

Sessions, however, does not subscribe to this corporate view of American wages. “How can that possibly be policy for government officials… It just infuriates me,” Sessions said.

Sessions, who has been a tireless champion of the American worker in the Republican Party, explained that elected officials ought represent Americans, not special interests groups or big business donors:

“I love America. I believe I’m an elected official. And who puts me in office? […] The people who should benefit from my actions are the American people. That’s who should be first. Some people seem to think they represent groups, they seem to think we represent the whole world, they think we represent business groups, and activist groups and La Raza or the Chamber of Commerce, and we’re losing sight of who we represent. And it’s absolutely clear that too large a flow of [foreign] workers, particularly lower skilled workers, hammer American workers, damage their ability to get a pay raise or even get a job. That’s not disputable. That matter has been settled. And someone needs to be worried about those people… I think that’s been lost sight of in your nation’s capital.”

Sessions explained that the findings released by the Subcommittee he chairs debunk the talking points of “establishment elites” who want to continue record immigration against the interests and wishes of the American public.

“We’re told time and again that we don’t have a generous immigration policy and we need to have more,” Sessions said. Yet the facts do not bear this out. As the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee told Breitbart News, “The United States has taken in four times more worldwide immigrants than any other nation on Earth.”

“In seven years we’ll have the highest percentage of American non-native born since the founding of the Republic,” Sessions explained. “Some people think, ‘Well, we’ve always had this numbers,’ but that it’s not so. This is very unusual. This is a radical change.”

Indeed, in the 1920s, the last time the foreign-born share of the population reached a record high, then-President Calvin Coolidge hit the pause button for roughly fifty years, producing an era of explosive wage growth. That pause continued until Ted Kennedy ushered in his legislation that granted millions of immigration visas to the entire world.

Sessions explained that if immigration curbs are not enacted, our current policy “will take us to numbers we’ve never seen before.”

“In fact, the United States accounts for five percent of the world’s population; we take in already 20 percent of the [world’s] immigrants. This is a stunning number in itself,” Session said.

When asked about Europe’s immigration crisis, Sessions explained that overly generous immigration policies, both in Europe and the United States, will only encourage more migration:

“Germany made a colossal error — too much like what we [the United States] did last summer,” during the Central American border surge.

“They started talking about how many people they could accept, would accept, and how they were going to be treated, and how they should be basically processed, anybody that came was going to be processed. Well, that creates more.”


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