Oregon Shooting Victim’s Family to Obama: ‘Quit’ with the Gun Control Agenda

CNN Survivor's Family

In the October 5 airing of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 (AC360) the family of Umpqua Community College shooting victim Cheyenne Fitzgerald said they wish Obama would “look where the  problem really lies and quit running the gun [control] agenda.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Fitzgerald’s mother, Bonnie Schaan, emerged from time at daughter’s hospital bed saying her daughter should have been allowed to arm for self-defense and suggested Americans everywhere should arm themselves so they are ready to protect their lives and the lives of their families.

Schaan said, “America we need to pack guns–if this is what it’s coming to–to have to protect ourselves.”

On AC360, Schaan was joined by Fitzgerald’s brother Jessie, and they spoke with Anderson Cooper about guns and the way forward from here. Cooper asked Jessie what he would say if given the chance to talk with President Obama, and Jessie said, “I would tell him to look where the problem really lies and quit running the gun [control] agenda.” Jessie said that guns are not the problem in America, mental illness is. He said, “All of us talk about and I don’t know why we are hiding from it.” He said that focusing on guns instead of mental illness is putting “so much money and…resources where they shouldn’t be.”

Jessie was measured but critical of the way Obama spends money overseas, and he said that that money should be spent stateside, bettering our mental health system so people can get treatment.

Fitzgerald’s mother then talked to Cooper about how wonderful her daughter is. She added, “I feel like our children ought to be able to protect themselves, somehow.”


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