Biden: Hispanics Are Taking ‘Beating’ ‘At the Hands Of’ GOP Presidential Candidates

Vice President and prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denounced “the beating Hispanics are taking” from Republican presidential candidates during remarks at a fundraiser hosted by the Latino Victory Project on Tuesday.

Biden said, in the remarks, video of which was obtained by CNN, that at a previous Hispanic Heritage Month event, “People walked in like, literally down, because of the beating, the beating, the beating Hispanics are taking at the hands of the Republican caucus — I mean, Republican presidential race. People are depressed. And the message I have for you guys is, these guys don’t remotely speak for America. The American people are so much better. They’re so far beyond. They are so, so, so much different, than these guys who are appealing to everything from homophobia, to this notion of  — they’re like the Know-Nothing Party of the late 1800s.”

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