Carson Dismisses ‘Political Correctness’ Criticism Over Comment on Oregon Shooting

Wednesday on Fox News Channels, “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson addressed the controversy over his remarks that he would have fought back against the Oregon shooter even if that meant sacrificing himself.

When asked if his comments were insensitive, Carson said it is a “simple concept” that “if you know someone is going to kill you and they are going to systematic kill you one by one why wait for them to do it?”

Carson said, “We are living in a culture where you have a group of people who just sit there — they don’t try to listen to what you are saying. They are trying to find a defect so they can cause more division. They are trying to divide our nation into factions, war on women, age wars, income wars, religious wars, race wars, you name it. Any time there is an opportunity to drive wedges down. I believe that the American people are smarter than and they will not allow themselves to be manipulated as much as they have in the past. I believe they waking up.”

He added, “I don’t believe in political correctness. I can twist myself in pretzels trying to fit into their box or be who I am. We need people standing up and talk what’s logical.”

On gun rights he added, “Read what I say about guns and America and Daniel Webster who said that America would never suffer tyranny because the people are armed. There are a list of countries where they first disarmed the people and then tyranny took over.”

Carson advocated training kids to deal with school shootings saying, “I  would give them a number of different scenarios because they have to be trained to react in each different scenario as you do teachers. I believe we need to have people in schools who are armed, who are trained, who can help.”

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