Young Pro-Life Activists Get ‘Twerked’ at University of Pittsburgh

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Young pro-life activists on a five-campus bus tour that promotes the defunding of Planned Parenthood had their banners “twerked” by abortion advocates at the University of Pittsburgh.

When the bus promoting the Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood campaign reached Pitt, Students for Life of America (SFLA) reports abortion advocates were “disrespectful, obnoxious, and vulgar.”

The report continues:

Abortion advocates took a page out of Miley Cyrus’ playbook and lewdly twerked, yes twerked, on the banners displayed at the display and on one of our SFLA staff members. It was ridiculous.

There were little kids there and the abortion advocates were yelling obscenities and had drawn them on their signs. They accused pro-life students of being racist, ignorant and anti-gay. They even took a Sharpie to one of our banners and attempted to draw an “X” through it. They were a bit amateur though since you could barely see the X. #fail

Michele Hendrickson, the SFLA Capitol Area Regional Coordinator, said, “Unfortunately a surprising amount of students who were proud Planned Parenthood supporters decided it was best to scream obscenities as they walked by rather than engage in intellectual discussion.”

Hendrickson said she noticed the pro-lifers’ display had been vandalized and one abortion advocate began yelling that everything on the pro-life banners was a lie.

She continues:

Her next move was to convince her friends to take pictures of her while she posed sexually around the banners putting her legs around them, groping them, and at one point “twerking”, or rubbing her butt, all over the banner.  After a few more minutes of her yelling by herself, she told others to grab the blank paper she had brought to make their own signs.  Students created signs that called the pro-life students “ignorant” and other signs had vulgar language.

As the girl enlisted more of her friends, the shouting escalated, said Hendrickson, and the pro-life group called campus police. She said some students reported to them their tour bus was being blocked by pro-abortion students in the street.

The Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood campaign is a joint effort by SFLA and Family Research Council Action.