Fournier: Ben Carson ‘Putting A Target On Government Officials’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” National Journal’s Ron Fournier said Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is “putting a target on government officials” in his interview earlier in the broadcast when he said the Second Amendment allows Americans to protect themselves from an oppressive government.

During the panel’s heated debate over Carson interview, Fournier said, “The difference is right now we have a whole Republican Party that is spending a lot of money and a lot of time convincing the American public that this government is dominating them. So what he’s basically doing is putting a target on government officials … And I think that’s irresponsible of a presidential candidate.”

He added, “The establishment in both parties is about to get kicked in the teeth. The question is what is the right candidate to do that? Is it somebody aspirational, who can lead us to a new and better century, or is it somebody who is negative and makes these kind of veiled threats that Ben Carson did.”

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