Grass Roots: S.C. GOP Delegation Should Oppose Paul Ryan For Speaker


An influential conservative news outlet in South Carolina, FITSNews, has put Rep. Mick Mulvaney and other South Carolina Republicans on notice: Back away from supporting Rep. Paul Ryan for Speaker, or face electoral consequences.

“The U.S. Speaker’s race boils down to choosing between a leader who will be loyal to the people or one who will keep them enslaved to the D.C. political class,” the site declares, “We urge every member of the South Carolina ‘Republican’ delegation to reject Paul Ryan’s candidacy.”

“Ryan is unacceptable to true pro-freedom, pro-free market supporters for any number of reasons…. Sadly, certain members of the South Carolina delegation are gushing about his qualifications,” the site reads.

In a Sunday morning interview on CBS, pro-amnesty South Carolina’s Mulvaney joined amnesty-boosting Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez in oozing praise for Ryan and the possibility of his speakership.

“If we went down the list right now and said, ‘Okay, who could unite the party in the House?’ Certainly Paul [Ryan] comes right to the head of the list,” Mulvaney said. “Paul certainly has a lot of respect across the Republicans in the House and I think he could be a good speaker.”

When asked about Ryan’s reluctance to enter the Speaker’s race, Mulvaney said, “Sometimes, you just need to do it. Right? The country needs you [Paul Ryan]. The party needs you [Paul Ryan]. And if he decides he wants to do it, that’s great.”

As Breitbart News has exclusively documented in an interview with NumbersUSA President Roy Beck, Paul Ryan has a two-decade record of pushing open borders. Ryan is substantially more open-borders, the record shows, than House Speaker John Boehner.

In fact, Boehner blocked a vote on the Gang of Eight amnesty plan that was being pushed by Ryan. Ryan is even more open borders than the other two members of his ‘Young Guns’ threesome: Rep. Kevin McCarthy and former Rep. Eric Cantor.

As Mickey Kaus tweeted, “Ryan as Speaker seems like an existential threat to anti-amnesty movement.” Kaus writes, “Speaker Ryan is the GOP Establishment’s last best opportunity to snatch victory from their defeats on amnesty.”

As David Frum tweeted, “Everyone knows Paul Ryan is as close to an open borders advocate as the GOP has, right?” In a separate tweet, he wrote, “Pretty ironic if most direct effect of anti-amnesty coup is to carry the day for Obama immigration plans.”

As Roy Beck said, “[Ryan] has spent his entire adulthood ideologically connected to the open borders crowd. Open Borders is in his ideological DNA… Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being. This isn’t personal, it’s just who he is.”

Ryan was at the center of efforts to derail bipartisan immigration cuts that were moving with Congress in the 1990s. At the time, everyone from Harry Reid to Barbara Boxer wanted to cut immigration— but Ryan worked feverishly to ensure immigration continue at its breakneck pace. In derailing those cuts and enforcement measures, Ryan added, by Beck’s estimate, an additional 10 million immigrants to the country – disenfranchising millions if conservative ballots.

Ryan also worked to sabotage California’s Proposition 187 – which passed by wide popular margins before a judge blocked it. The proposition would have blocked all benefits and services to illegal aliens. Had the proposition gone into effect, millions of illegals and their children would have returned home and millions of new immigrants – legal and illegal – would never have joined them. But, because it was blocked, California’s demographics changed dramatically, ensuring that Romney and Ryan would lose the state by significant margins.

Mulvaney did not mention in his CBS interview that he joined with Ryan to try to complete Senator Rubio’s 2013-2014 amnesty. “I am more than willing to have a discussion about allowing at least part of the 11 million people here illegally to have some type of status… I’m just disappointed that more people in my party don’t want to do that,” Mulvaney said at the time,

Mulvaney has also argued that even today’s record levels of foreign migration are still too low. America issues over a million green cards every single year— more permanent admission slips than any other country on Earth— but Mulvaney has said that it’s still too hard for foreign nationals to enter the United States, vote in our elections, and collect welfare and retirement benefits. “The simple truth is our immigration system is broken… it’s too difficult to enter America the right way,” Mulvaney states on his website.

Mulvaney is apparently unaware of the 1965 immigration rewrite which eliminated President Calvin Coolidge’s immigration caps and opened up American immigration visas to almost anyone in the world. Year after year, hundreds of thousands of the world’s poorest immigrants enter America “the right way” – on America visas which entitle to them collect welfare, legally take U.S. jobs at lower pay, eventually cast ballots in U.S. elections and also to bring in additional relatives into the United States.

It is specifically because Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration rewrite made it so easy to enter America “the right way,” that the foreign-born population in the U.S. has climbed from fewer than 10 million immigrants in 1970 to more than 42 million today.

Because it so easy to enter America the “right way,” America has four times more immigrants living here than has any other country on the planet. Among those entering “the right way,” are the foreign workers that companies like Disney legally import on H-1B visas to replace higher-waged American workers.

Among others who entered “the right way,” are the 280,000 Muslim migrants the U.S. lets in each year on U.S. visas. In fact, all Muslim refugees enter “the right way”— with the full permission of the U.S government.

More than half a million U.S. girls are now at risk of female genital mutilation because it is so easy for Islamist migrants from countries like Somalia and Ethiopia to enter the U.S. “the right way.”

Because they enter “the right way” these refugees are legally able to draw food stamps, medicaid and public housing. Three in four immigrant households on welfare entered America “the right way” – on U.S. visas.

The Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee observed that unless Congress reduces green cards— i.e. makes it harder to get into America “the right way” – seven new immigrants and their children will be added over the next fifty years for every one net U.S. birth. That means, under Mulvaney’s vision, these numbers would rise to 8, 9 or 10 new people from immigration for every one net U.S. birth.

Mulvaney’s push to increase immigration is supported by very few Americans.

According to Gallup, of those Americans dissatisfied with immigration rates, only 7% wishes to see immigration go higher.  According to Rasmussen, 65% of conservatives voters think the correct number of refugees to admit “the right way” from the Middle East is zero. According to Kellyanne Conway’s The Polling Company, a plurality of Americans would like another immigration pause – i.e. no net immigration – as occurred from 1920 until Kennedy’s law kicked in around 1970.

But one person who agrees with Mulvaney on the need to increase immigration rates even higher is Senator Rubio, who wants to issue 33 million green cards over the next decade.

In 2012, one million GOP ballots were cast statewide in South Carolina. That means that under the Rubio-Mulvaney vision, there would be more than 33 new immigrants for every one South Carolina GOP voter.

Under America’s electoral system, an Islamist immigrant from Somali who moves into South Carolina has the same exact vote as a Mulvaney-supporter whose ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.

If enough migrants moved into Mulvaney’s district, they could elect Democratic politicians on a national level, as well as vote on a local level to remake schools boards, disenfranchising current South Carolina voters, and collect state and federal welfare.

According to Pew, only 11% of Muslim voters identify as Republican or lean Republican. Al Franken – who cast the deciding vote for Obamacare and whose state has a large Somali population – has, like Mulvaney, been pushing for large increases to immigration.

Mulvaney seemed optimistic that Ryan would be able to win support from the House Freedom Caucus caucus, of which Mulvaney is a founding member. “I think he’s already sort of mentally committed to many of the same things that we want. If he can convince us [i.e. the rest of the freedom caucus] of that, I think we can deliver an overwhelming majority of the House,” Mulvaney said.

“I think Paul is a pretty conservative guy,” Mulvaney said. “He’s not as conservative as some, more conservative than others. But we probably know where Paul stands on most of those issues.”

This assertion is particularly curious given that Ryan has been also been at the center of several high-profile efforts to increase the nation’s debt. As Sean Hannity said recently on his radio program, “Paul Ryan, on too many issues for me, is the same as Boehner… under the leadership of Paul Ryan and John Boehner, we’ve added $4.1 trillion to the debt.” Ryan was also responsible for a widely-panned strategy to cut veterans’ benefits instead of benefits for illegal immigrants.

Ryan is also out-of-step with many South Carolina conservatives on crime, and on free-trade.

Ryan represents that last hope for the tight-knit trio of Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan. The three ‘Young Guns’ would hit the gym with their now-famous P90X workout. The inclusive group encouraged other members to join in their intense sessions. As former-Congressman Aaron Schock observed, “it kicked my butt.” It is not clear if Mick Mulvaney ever received an invite to the gym, but he was quickly become one of Ryan’s biggest boosters in Congress.

It remains to be seen how Mulvaney’s decision to join with Gutierrez on promoting Ryan will affect his political future. But FITSNews made clear that South Carolinian conservative voters would not tolerate Mulvaney and other South Carolinian delegates, who voted for Speaker Boehner earlier this year, to betray them again: “They’ve already sold us out once before… we can’t afford to have them sell us out again.”


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