Trump: I Love ‘Idea’ Of Everyone Paying Taxes, But It’s ‘Very Bureaucratic’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he loves “the idea” of everyone paying income tax, but it’s “very bureaucratic” to do so on Tuesday’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump first discussed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appearing outside one of Trump’s casinos with striking workers. Trump said it gave the hotel “great publicity” and said he was “great relationships” with his workers.

He added, “They want to try and unionize. By the way, they’ve tried for the last four or five years,..unsuccessfully. We’ll see what happens. At some point, maybe it’ll happen. But the workers are very happy there, and they’ve been happy a long time.”

Trump continued, “it’s not really them. It’s people that they have from the union from outside, they come in and they protest. So, it’s not really them. The people in the building have been very happy. Don’t forget the union’s been trying this for about two or three years and they’ve been failing every time.”

He then addressed criticisms of its tax plan that it grows the number of people not paying any income taxes. Trump stated, “I fully understand it. The problem is, from a bureaucratic standpoint, you’re talking about millions of people that aren’t paying anything anyway. And I love the idea everybody has to pay at least a dollar, and all of that, but you’re talking tremendous bureaucratic work. You’re talking about tremendous — millions and millions of returns that you don’t have to go through that process now, and ultimately, i’m giving a big tax reduction, which is going to have people working again, and ultimately these people are going to make more money than they’ve ever made before, because the economy is going to really expand. It’s a very dynamic plan, and when it expands, these people that aren’t paying, are going to be over the threshold number, which is about $25,000, depending on marriage, etc., etc., anywhere from 25 to $50,000, and they’re going to start pay paying tax again. But I just don’t see it. Number one, they’re not paying anyway, most of them. And number two, what we need in this country is jobs. We have to take jobs back from China, from Japan, from Mexico, from all of these countries, and people will start paying tax, and that’s what I want them to see. I want them to start paying tax. I also understand what they’re saying… but that’s a tremendous cost and it’s very bureaucratic.”

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