Davi: Putin and the Petrodollar, What You Didn’t Hear At the Democratic Debate

Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images, Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images, Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

I watched the Democratic Primary debate this week very carefully. Let me give you this disclaimer: I watched as if I were a Democrat like one of my Hollywood brothers and sisters who can’t wait to defeat the opposing party, bury them for another eight years, and bring America closer to the utopia of a dying European socialist state.

Here is how it appeared to me (in my Democrat persona):

Hillary was masterful, likable, competent, experienced, trustworthy, and presidential. Bernie Sanders came across as caring, authentic, honest, strong, and a socialist. O’Malley came across as nice and, as New York Magazine was happy to report, like a “Hot Dad;” Webb, as a Patriot; Chaffee, as a gentle soul drowning in the pit of politics. We also had a wonderfully enthusiastic crowd. When they cheered and applauded it made me feel like I was part of what America and the middle class needs. I, along with Biden, was so proud of all the candidates. Such dignity, intelligence, and outrage against the NRA!

Now missing from this field was Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, but judging from last night Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. As one pundit said, “Hillary Clinton was Beyoncé. She was flawless.” I am so happy and thrilled and excited! What remains is who will emerge as the Vice President. Perhaps Bill? Perhaps Julián Castro, who heads up HUD, as he is being talked about? That would be great and show diversity! But let’s wait and see. She will choose someone who will clinch the ticket for us. All I know is we have our new President and eight more years of progressive policies that will finally give all the wonderful Hollywood elite an America we can be proud of.

At this point I wake up. The only thing missing on that stage was reality. So, please indulge my silly prediction for the future. But first, a little historical background. In 1973, Richard Nixon negotiated a deal with Saudi Arabia. In exchange for arms and protection, all future oil sales would be made in U.S. dollars. The OPEC countries agreed to this, and an economics professor from Georgetown, Ibraham Odweiss, coined the term “petrodollar” to explain this relationship. Let’s now jump forward to today, October 2015. The Saudis are pissed. The U.S. is not holding up its end of the petrodollar deal. They believe that as part of the U.S. commitment to keep the region safe for the monarchy, the U.S. should have attacked its rivals Syria and Iran. The danger in this is that the Saudis may feel they are no longer obliged to uphold their part of the deal to sell oil only in U.S. dollars. They’re already heavily involved with China, and the current Obama failure to lead may also tilt favor toward Russia. This could spell a possible death knell for the petrodollar.

Do any of you think that Obama’s policies could possibly be done to hasten the collapse of the petrodollar? Could the Iranian deal, Obama’s pulling out of the Middle East, and his refusal to listen to his generals’ recommendations to supply enough manpower to ensure stability in Afghanistan actually be done on purpose?

Anyway, while the populace is happily anticipating all the lovely income re-distribution and giving high fives and guffaws over Bernie’s “the hell with your emails,” as the clueless leftist audience madly applauds the progressive candidates, and since CNN neglected to ask in-depth foreign policy questions, let me leave you all with this thought. I do hope some of you noted pundits heed the words this entertainer is about to say.

I contend that while President Obama mocks Vladimir Putin as weak and snickers that the Russian economy is hurting, Putin has established himself as today’s world leader and his alliance with the Middle East is finally going to lead to the collapse of the petrodollar, which is something Putin has been trying to accomplish for quite some time. The alliance that Putin is now making with Iran, Syria, and China is setting the stage for this.

That, my fellow Americans, is what I think is looming around the corner. And when that happens, let’s all guess what will take place? Any thoughts? But of course, who cares. We are all so excited by Hillary. After all, she pressed the reset button with Russia.




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