Kasich: Give Fed Job Training Programs To States, I Could Cut Corporate Taxes More Than I’ve Proposed

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich advocated for giving federal job training dollars back to the states and said he would cut corporate taxes more if it generates greater revenues than estimated while criticizing the lack of revenue generation in Donald Trump and Jeb Bush’s corporate income tax plans on Saturday’s “Larry Kudlow Show.”

Kasich said, “I don’t need them [government officials in DC] to tell me about how to train my people in Ohio. Send the money of job training back to me.” He also criticized the Commerce Department as the “attic for political junkies, where they stick their kids after an election.” Kasich did not explicitly say he would eliminate the Commerce Department when asked if he would eliminate federal departments and agencies, but did say he “absolutely” would eliminate some.

The discussion then turned to Kasich’s plan to cut the corporate income tax rate to 25%, Kasich defended the rate as a “responsible” one, but that he supports lower personal and corporate tax rates than what he’s proposed, but that he can’t “go pie in the sky,” host Larry Kudlow rebutted that he likes GOP candidate Donald Trump’s proposal of a 15% corporate tax rate and also pointed for GOP candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush proposing a 20% corporate income tax. Kasich responded, “what kind of revenue is it going to produce? … why don’t we just drove — drive the deficit up to $20 trillion while we’re at it?” Kasich added that “if we can do better over time, we will. But they don’t how they’re going to pay for any of this.”

Kudlow argued that lowering the corporate income tax rate would be “revenue positive.” Kasich stated he believes in “a dynamic model, but not totally.” He continued that he would “love to see, is that my estimates are conservative. And if my estimates are conservative, then guess what happens? Then I can do more, rather than doing what we always do, which is to overpromise and underdeliver.” Kasich also argued that tax cuts must be coupled with spending cuts because he doesn’t want to end up having to raise taxes like Kansas.

Kasich then stated, “if we see all these revenues coming in, we’ll cut the corporate taxes more.”

Kasich also stated he would roll back or repeal Dodd-Frank and that his energy policy would be “all of the above,” but would be done via market forces.

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