Poll: Gun Control Tramples Gun Rights with Loss of White Majority

Gun Control Rally
Indianapolis Star/AP/Charlie Nye

A CNN/ORC poll released on October 21 shows that more Americans oppose gun control than support it thanks to the bulwark for the Second Amendment that exists in the population’s white majority.

But the polling results show the writing is on the wall, and once the number of non-whites grows to either meet or exceed the number of whites in America, gun rights could be trampled underfoot by gun control.

According to the poll, 52 percent of Americans oppose more gun control laws. And if we break down the respondents in categories of “white” or “non-white” we see that 57 percent of “whites” oppose more gun control while 55 percent of “non-whites” want more gun control.

Those numbers are exceedingly close. And if we look just a little deeper at the category of “non-whites”—considering, for example, the positions of blacks and Hispanics on gun control—it looks as if the the current edge gun rights have over gun control simply cannot be maintained.

For example, a recent Pew Research Center poll shows that a staggering percentage of the black population in the U.S. supports gun control. Pew found 60 percent support an “assault weapons” ban, 82 percent support a gun registry, and 80 percent support expanding background checks to cover gun shows.

And Hispanics are so pro-gun control that they favor it to a higher degree than white respondents oppose it. Pew showed that while 57 percent of white Americans want to focus on gun rights rather than gun control while 75 percent of Hispanics want to focus on the passage of more gun control. Only 24 percent of Hispanics believe gun rights are more important than gun control.

What this means is, as the number of Hispanics in America continues to climb—whether from legal immigration or illegal—and they join political forces with blacks and other non-whites who are pro-gun control, the days of “shall not be infringed” could face some extremely hard times.

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