Mediaite ‘Others’ Ben Carson with ‘Strange’ Dog Whistle

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Going back to the days of slavery, Reconstruction, and the segregated South, the Democrat Party has built up a sordid 400 year history of punishing and making an example of black people who threaten their power structure. The only thing that’s changed through the centuries are the tactics. Democrats are no longer able to use German Shepherds and firehoses, so now they use media outlets like Mediaite.

Today, in order to punish and make an example of conservative blacks who stray from the Left-Wing Thought Plantation, the mainstream media “others” them as sexual predators (Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain — as Bill Clinton is praised as a feminist), stupid, or crazy and strange.

For about three weeks now, although nothing he has said has been at all controversial, the DC Media has decided to “other” Carson as crazy and strange. For a full week, the racist media ran Carson through a gauntlet setting this Narrative, and now Mediaite is piling on by calling a new Ben Carson campaign ad “strange.”


There is nothing at all strange about the ad. Watch it here. It’s quirky and different, but nothing close to strange. In tone and style, the ad reminds me of the ones from 1992 that made an unknown state senator from Wisconsin a United States Senator. But Russ Feingold is white and a Democrat so those ads were described by the media as “charming” — which they were.

But you see, nothing is a bigger threat to Democrat power than a free-thinking conservative black man. He simply must be destroyed at all costs. The media believes they have found the Narrative to do that and regardless of what Carson does in the future, he will be dropped in the “crazy-strange” box.

Make no mistake: this is straight-up racism.

NOTE: I’m not linking Mediaite. Bigotry should not be rewarded with clicks.


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