Ron Fournier: Obama Either Lied, or He is Naive on U.S. Troops in Syria

On this weeks “Fox News Sunday” National Journal’s Ron Fournier criticized President Barack Obama for his promise of no U.S. ground troops in Syria, saying he was either naive or a liar.

Fournier said, “I disagree with one thing. I think it’s still news when the president deceives the American public. He did say there would be no ground troops. Either he knew at the time that was BS and that’s a lie, or he didn’t know that it was BS and that’s naive. They talked about how it was not a strategic change, it was a shift, but those are synonyms. So they seem to be spending all their strategic thinking on how to spin these conflicts, and not as much time explaining their real strategy and how we’ll keep us out of Syria, keep us out of these conflicts or win them.”

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