Chris Christie Blasts Quentin Tarantino For Anti-Cop Comments

Chris Christie
Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is criticizing Quentin Tarantino for his anti-police comments, pointing out that the famous Hollywood director has a history of being wrong on the issues.

Christie commented on reports today that Tarantino may apologize after the National Association of Police Organizations backed a boycott of his upcoming film “The Hateful Eight.”

“If he’s going to apologize it’s too late. It’s just too late because he has a history of this stuff,” Christie said on Fox and Friends this morning. “So the fact is we should be standing behind the people who protect us every day.”

Christie also criticized President Obama for lending credence to a growing anti-police atmosphere in the country.

“The overwhelming majority of our police officers are really good folks who deserve to be supported and they’re not being supported and it starts with the top with this President,” he said, asserting that Obama had lost his “moral authority” on the issue.

During an appearance on Morning Joe this morning, Christie asserted that police officers were being unfairly scapegoated, citing FBI director James Comey’s comments about a “chill wind blowing through American law enforcement” as a result of the events surrounding Ferguson, Missouri.

“Let me tell you this, you need a president, and a United States Attorney General who are willing to back up law enforcement,” he said.