Donald Trump: ‘Terrible Person’ Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Negotiated ‘Great Deal’ for Hillary Clinton During Debates


GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tells Breitbart News Daily that the Republican National Committee needs to take a tough stance when negotiating deals with TV networks about primary debates.

In the radio interview, Trump delivered a backhand compliment to “highly neurotic” DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for orchestrating a “great deal” for Hillary Clinton.

“Reince [Priebus] is a very good guy, but this takes a lot of pressure off him, frankly,” Trump said to interviewer and executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “And we know how to negotiate, and it’ll be a much fairer situation.”

“I think if you had a choice between Reince Priebus, as nice a guy as he is, and Donald Trump cutting your TV deal, I think most people would take Donald Trump,” Bannon said.

“Well, I’m not allowed to say that, OK?” Trump replied. “But I can tell you he’s a very good guy. He really is. He’s a very nice person and I think that hopefully, he’s going to do a good job — hey, look, you get a candidate, you really need that RNC to go in there and fight hard. And they have to be very tough, and very smart.”

“You have this crazy Wasserman-Schultz, Debra Wasserman-Schultz,” Trump continued, “who’s in there — highly neurotic woman. This is a woman that is a terrible person! I watch her on television. And she is a terrible person. And in all fairness, she negotiated a great deal for Hillary, because they gave Hillary all softballs.”

“Every ball was a softball, and in fact, even the other candidates weren’t allowed to talk up against her,” Trump said. “How about — and by the way, he destroyed his campaign, [Bernie] Sanders. He totally destroyed his campaign.”

“And by the way — two guys quit the day after, Webb and Chaffee,” Bannon said.

“Well, when Sanders gave up the emails, that was the end of it,” Trump said. “It was a great soundbite for about three minutes — three seconds! You know, they clap for about three seconds. When he gave up the emails — he is now just wasting his time. He’s going around — by the way, his audiences have shrunk. Now he’s gotta take ads out and everything else. His audiences have gone. And you know I have by far the biggest audiences, even before. But his audiences are gone now. When he gave up that email thing, he said, ‘Here, Hillary.'”

“And you know what, that was orchestrated by the Democratic Party,” Trump added. “Or as you would really properly say, the Democrat Party, because they don’t say that. They add the ‘-ic’ on the end and they shouldn’t be.”


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