Armstrong Williams on Ben Carson Campaign: ‘They Cannot Stop This Revolution’

Ben Carson Discusses His New Book At National Press Club Event In Washington
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Top GOP contender Dr. Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams tells Breitbart News Daily that the political outsider’s campaign is a “revolution.”

Host and executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon detailed the attacks from the Left launched at Carson, most notably from NAAPC chapter president and MSNBC guest L. Joy Williams, who said Republicans “[have] the safe Negro comment” on President Obama to criticize him, meaning Carson.

L. Joy Williams later told Breitbart News:

I did not call him a “safe negro.” In responding to the GOP panel member’s comment about Dr. Carson criticizing the President, “…a Black man attacking another Black man…”, I said that he is perceived that way by some of his supporters. That is evident even among those who are critical of my comment and sending messages to me about it. They believe Dr. Carson is ‘not like the rest of you Blacks’ (a direct quote of a message I received). If one subscribes to this thought, they believe that the default for Blacks is one of degradation, violence and poverty. The point I made is that there are those who support him because of this thought process.

Bannon asked if Armstrong Williams is becoming outraged by these attacks.

“This is America, and people will malign you, criticize you, demonize you, and try to redefine you,” said Williams, who is one of the top black television station owners in the U.S.

Dr. Carson is seeking the highest office in the land, the presidency of the United States. We cannot expect for Dr. Carson to just waltz his way through the GOP nomination to the White House. He will be challenged, he will be ridiculed, he will be undermined, and you should expect that. This is America. But while we could focus on the situations that you just mentioned, where people demonize him… Look at where he’s come from. A pediatric neurosurgeon. No political background, no political experience. Certainly an outsider. Rose from the depths of poverty to a world-renowned neurosurgeon, first to separate conjoined twins.

Williams pointed out that national and Iowa put the American people “in a position where they acknowledge there’s something they connect with him about.”

“They appreciate his trustworthiness. They like him. They believe in him,” said Williams, touting Carson’s favorability ratings.

“Of all the GOP establishment candidates, Dr. Carson is the only one who can beat Mrs. Clinton in any matchup,” Williams said. “He’s sort of like the candidate who’s been drafted by the people. Dr. Carson takes that as an acknowledgement of what America is, what America can become, and what America will leave for our children in the future. And so we don’t mind these swords and arrows.”

Williams declared that the mainstream media and the Left and Right political establishments “can no longer manipulate the American people into their way of believing.” Carson helped to spark a revolution, he said.

“Dr. Carson is causing an uprising in the so-called black way of thinking,” Williams said.

It is the elitists, it is the establishment, many black leaders in this country that embrace this demagoguery, these ad-hominem attacks, but they don’t represent the mass of black people who are in these lines when Dr. Ben Carson is in Iowa, and South Carolina, and North Carolina, and Nevada. They see a voice that talks about, ‘How do you liberate us out of poverty?’ How do you liberate us from these entitlement programs? How do we get a chance to be a part of the American dream? How do we go from being on the bottom rung, to the middle rung, to the wealthy part of that ladder?

So when you have this kind of revolution, when you have this kind of uprising, there are those people that have benefitted from people being poor, from people being downtrodden, so Dr. Carson is uplifting both, so when you do this, when you cause this tsunami, people are going to rail against you. They’re gonna try to destroy you. But they cannot stop this revolution that Dr. Carson and others who speak the way that he does, turning the tide of America.


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