Eric Garcetti Apologizes for Using City Email to Endorse Hillary

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Getty Images

On November 6 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti apologized for endorsing Hillary Clinton for president from a LA city email account.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcetti’s endorsement of Clinton “was initially sent from a city of Los Angeles email account…[and] included links to the Mayor’s Office social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.” Roughly an hour later Garcetti’s office sent another email announcing that the first email had been sent in error.

The second email said, “Today’s statement on Hillary Clinton was sent in error.”

When asked it the original submission of the email belied concerns about the “competency” of the mayoral staff, Garcetti said, “The email was rescinded, though the endorsement was not and I’m very proud to have endorsed Hillary Clinton. I think everybody has pressed the send button by mistake before.”

Garcetti’s email comes at a time when Clinton continues to face scrutiny for the manner in which she allegedly sent and received classified emails while Secretary of State. The Hill reports that Clinton defends her use of unsecured email account by saying she “never sent or received obviously classified intelligence while using her server as Secretary of State.”

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