Mayor Eric Garcetti

Final L.A. Election Turnout at 20%, Just Misses Record Low

Turnout in the March 7 mayoral election in Los Angeles was not a record low after all, although it came close — and did break a record for the highest share of reelection votes won by any L.A. mayor in over a century.

Garcetti votes (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Talks to Breitbart at DNC About Cops

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussed his views on law enforcement, and his efforts on police reform, during a candid interview with Breitbart California Editor Joel B. Pollak at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Garcetti at DNC (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Los Angeles City Council Wants $1 Billion for the Homeless

Two Los Angeles City Council members are pushing for a November ballot measure that, if voted in, would authorize a bond of at least $1 billion that would go towards housing for the city’s 47,000-person (and growing) homeless population.

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San Francisco Journalists Coordinate to Raise Alarm on Homelessness

Journalists and reporters in the Bay Area are joining forces to flood news and social media with reports on San Francisco’s homelessness epidemic next month, with the hope that it will create a “wave” of coverage that will ultimately force politicians to take action to fix a problem that lurks at almost every corner of the space-starved city.

San Francisco homeless tent (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

San Andreas Fault Threatens SoCal, Coachella Valley

The San Andreas Fault threatens to cause tremendous physical damage to Southern California when “the big one” strikes, experts say, with the site of the infamous Coachella Music & Arts Festival being hit hardest of all.


Eric Garcetti: One Free College Year for LAUSD Grads

During his annual State of the City address on Thursday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Los Angeles will commit to providing every graduate of the Los Angeles Unified School District with one free year of community college.

Eric Garcetti (Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty)

U.S. Olympics Committee Endorses L.A. for 2024 Games

The Los Angeles City Council gave the green light on Tuesday to a proposal that will allow L.A. to join Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary as a contender for the 2024 Olympics. Moments after the 15-0 vote went

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