Breitbart News Daily: Michelle Malkin on Immigration and the GOP Debate


Author Michelle Malkin reviews the Republican primary debate on Breitbart News Daily, as well as discussing how the candidates have addressed the issues raised in the new book she co-authored with John Milano, Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers.

Malkin thought the Fox Business Network event was “far superior to the CNBC debacle,” including some “particularly good moments at the kiddie-table, the undercard debate.”

However, Malkin thought there were “some moments that should have been followed up on, and that ended up being squandered or missed opportunities,” for both the candidates and moderators.

She cited the “extraordinary moment” where Donald Trump “brought up what average people, outside of the Manhattan-Beltway bubble, are extremely outraged about.”

She was referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which she described as “a huge crony abomination, unconstitutional, that has a massive impact on American workers and American job creators.”  Malkin thought every candidate should be made to defend their position on the TPP.

Another extraordinary moment came when Ted Cruz “got up and made an argument that many of us have been making about the mainstream media failing to do its job in covering the impact of massive illegal immigration, and these guest-worker rackets.  That’s when he said it would be a lot different, of course, if there were legions of foreign journalists flooding our shores.”

“And yet, Ted Cruz supports quintupling the H1-B visa program,” Malkin concluded, with a rueful laugh.

A major theme of her new book is the damage done to high-tech, high-skilled workers by such legal immigration programs, which are generally praised as the sort of immigration plan that should be supported without reservation, even by some who call for asserting the rule of law against illegal immigration. Later in the interview, she noted that her co-author, John Milano, was a tech-sector worker who lost his job due to the H1-B visa program, and has become a lawyer defending others who stand to be displaced by imported labor.

Malkin noted that Senator Marco Rubio, whose support for the Gang of Eight “comprehensive immigration reform” is one of his greatest political liabilities, has so far made it through the debates without facing much criticism on the issue. She thought media bias accounted for much of the reluctance by debate moderators, even those from Fox News, to hammer the issue.

“The Fourth Estate is basically in bed with the open-borders lobby, or they’re absolutely clueless and lazy,” Malkin asserted. “These people have no idea about all of the giveaways, and all of the sabotage of basic American worker protections, that were built into the Gang of Eight abomination, and every other massive piece of so-called ‘immigration reform’ that has come down since 1986, going all the way back to the establishment of some of these awful programs.”

As an example of this ignorance, Malkin cited the constant references to Facebook data throughout the debate, without mentioning the “ruthless impact of all of the immigration expansion policies” advocated by Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Malkin vowed to remain focused on immigration abuses. “No, I’m not going to stop, and largely it’s because I think about the blessings that I have, to be an American and live here every day.  I think of those veterans who have served, and given so much of their daily lives to protecting these freedoms that we have… My opportunity to be able to be successful in America by just running my mouth and typing words, that is an amazing miracle that I never take for granted.”

“And the whole point of everything that I’ve done, in my entire professional career, is to try and give back, and make sure that my own little children have that opportunity. And how the heck can they have it, when these crapweasels in both parties, who are colluding in back rooms to sabotage the very idea that if you have a good education, if you go and get a science or technology or engineering or math degree, that you will have a fair shot in this country.”


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