Meet the Black Lives Matter Radicals Fanning the Flames at Mizzou


Are the same radicals who influenced the burning down of parts of St. Louis at all influencing or even present at the University of Missouri?

A Breitbart News examination of Twitter accounts shows the presence in Columbia of two individuals from Black Lives Matter who fanned the flames in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston, South Carolina. DeRay McKesson and Johnetta Elzie have tweeted their presence in Columbia and published photos of them meeting with Student Body President Payton Head.

McKesson calls himself “an American civil rights activist.” He’s founder of something called We the Protesters that, according to its website, is dedicated to “radical liberation” focusing exclusively on “black lives.” McKesson is a 2007 graduate of Bowdoin College and has worked as “Senior Director of Human Capital at the Minneapolis Public Schools. McKesson has been active at protests in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston, South Carolina after the shootings there.

McKesson’s frequent partner is Johnetta Elzie who is also present in Columbia. She, too, is identified as an “American civil rights activist.” She seems to have gotten her start at the Ferguson riots where she edited the Ferguson protest newsletter but she has also been present at the Baltimore troubles. She co-founded We the Protestors with McKesson.

Elzie founded the website “Mapping Police Violence” and The Atlantic Monthly identified her as one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter.

The Huffington Post published an “Open Letter from Ferguson Protesters and Allies” written by McKesson and Elzie where they said, “We are not concerned if this inconveniences you. We are not concerned if this disturbs your comfort. We are not concerned if this upsets your order. We are not concerned if this upsets your order. This is an American Horror Story.” The letter concluded, “Your calm is built on our terror. We will disrupt your life until we can live.”

McKesson, identified as part of Black Lives Matter, lectured at the Yale Divinity School. In May, the New York Times identified Elzie and McKesson as the founders of the national “first 21st century civil rights movement.”

McKesson and Elzie were given the Howard Zinn Freedom to Write Award from the New England Branch of PEN and were named on Fortune Magazine’s list of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. They were listed at #11 behind Taylor Swift but ahead of Bill Gates.

DeRay Tweet with Elzie and Mizzou hunger striker Jonathan Butler.


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