Breitbart News Daily: Pamela Geller on Terror Attacks in Paris and Garland

People light candles at a memorial for the victims of the attacks claimed by Islamic State which killed at least 129 people and left more than 350 injured, on November 17, 2015 at the Place de la Republique in Paris. AFP PHOTO / ADRIEN MORLENT
Adrien Morlent/AFP/Getty Images

“We’ve lost our civilizational self-esteem,” warns Pamela Geller during a Tuesday appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

Geller illustrated her point by discussing the Paris terror attack and comparing it to the aborted jihadi attempt to murder her, along with hundreds of other attendees, at her Mohammed Art Exhibit in Garland, Texas. She succinctly summed up the difference between Paris and Garland as: “We had guns.”

Her point about the self-esteem of a civilization can be demonstrated by looking at how President Obama defends his Syrian refugee program by saying that resistance is contrary to vital American principles – “Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values,” as he put it on Monday. On the other hand, Obama and the Left think the core American principle of free speech is negotiable, and as Geller witnessed first-hand, the negotiation is conducted with violent intimidation. Resisting Syrian migration is “unpatriotic”… and so is drawing a cartoon those refugees find distasteful.

When it was time to take a firm stance for freedom of speech, most of the media was AWOL, with the notable exception of Breitbart News, which she credited as the only media organization willing to write about the Mohammed Art Exhibit before the terrorist attack, and publish the cartoons.

“Thank God for Breitbart,” she said. “I don’t think people understand the role you’r playing historically.  Congratulations on your new Jerusalem bureau!

Geller found the Administration’s promises to screen the Syrian refugees laughable. “They cannot vet the quote-unquote ‘migrants’ or ‘refugees’ coming over from Syria, because, if you recall early in the Obama Administration, he scrubbed the intel and counter-terrorisms of jihad and Islam,” she explained. “People that speak, like Ibn Wariq and Robert Spencer, to the CIA and law enforcement… they were scrubbed, they were banned for being as CAIR – which became an advisor – said, for being Islamophobic.”

“How could you possibly determine who the jihadists are, if jihad and Islam have been removed from the equation?” she asked. “It’s ludicrous. Vetted? They’ll be vetted? Vetted for what? Pink socks?”

Geller noted that the one thing these refugees do seem to get screened for is Christianity – a topic she wrote about for Breitbart News on Monday.

“Again, let’s point to Obama’s hypocrisy,” she said. “When he talks about how we don’t have a religious measure for refugees, that’s patently untrue. As early as 2011, we had issued a call – my international organization SION, Stop Islamicization of Nations – we’d issued a call to protect Christians, they were slaughtering Christians then… they needed emergency asylum then… where was Obama then?  Now he wants to bring the perpetrators of that genocide to America.”

She noted that she has posted hundreds of entries, with carefully obscured personal data, describing herself and others – including military and law-enforcement personnel – who have been targeted with death threats by ISIS.  “And Obama wants to bring in our assassins?  And he’s contemptuous of us?” she asked incredulously.

The re-election of President Obama following the Benghazi disaster left Geller worried that too many American voters were unaware of the threat they face from radical Islam, and too willing to “abridge their freedoms” to appease that threat.

Those attitudes may have already been changing before the Paris terror attack. Geller noted that while presidential candidate Donald Trump was critical of her Mohammed Art Exhibit event, he was also quick to call for investigating suspicious mosques, like the one from which the Garland attackers and several other jihad suspects emanated. The French have announced just such an initiative to shut down radical mosques.


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