O’Keefe Video: Syrian ‘Refugees’ Claim Syrians Using Fake Passports To Get Into Europe

screen cap

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe is out with a new video showing people who claim to be Syrian refugees explaining how supposedly easy it is for Syrian refugees to obtain fake passports to gain entry to Europe.

O’Keefe’s new Project Veritas video, presented here by Breitbart News, shows undercover footage of men who claim to be Syrians living in Greece. The men were not aware that they were on video at the time, and insist in the video that their passports were real.

But the ease with which these Syrians claim to be able to get fake passports for a cash fee, according to the video, is disturbing, raising serious questions about how many Syrian terrorists might currently be living in Europe with fake identifying information.

Here’s the new video:


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