Keystone Cops: GOP Consultant Class Heroes Publicly Panhandling in Desperate Bid to Derail Donald Trump

CNN, Twitter / @LizMair

In its incredibly limited wisdom, the D.C.-based Republican Party establishment is declaring war on current GOP voter favorite Donald Trump, and it seems they’ve enlisted the help of at least a couple of Keystone Cops — consultants Liz Mair and Rick Wilson — in an effort to destroy their own front runner.

In the Republican primary race, the newest NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll shows Donald Trump has the frontrunner spot to himself, with 28% support among Republican and independent voters who lean Republican.

In fact, so arrogant is the establishment, they want to encourage their own voters to stay home. In what political realm, other than the D.C.-based Republican establishment’s, which nearly always surrenders presidential elections, as well as to Barack Obama, does that make sense? Make no mistake, what they are saying to their own voters here is, we think you’re so dumb you’ll still come out to support us in the general, even after we spend millions of dollars insulting you and your presumed candidate of choice during the primary.

The goal, according to the memo, isn’t to convert Mr. Trump’s supporters into backing other candidates, but to dissuade them from voting altogether, especially in New Hampshire’s influential first-in-the-nation primary.

Furthermore, as with many recent GOP establishment presidential campaigns, the latest Republican Keystone Cop-like effort to take down Trump appears to be connected to some real losers who have already been in the news this year for all the wrong reasons.

The most concerted effort is Trump Card LLC, the self-styled guerrilla campaign being launched by Liz Mair, the former online communications director of the Republican National Committee.

“In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” according to the Trump Card memo.

In her Twitter account profile, Mair bills herself as “Former online comms strategist to Sen. Paul, Govs Walker & Perry & Carly Fiorina; former RNC Online Comms Director…” The RNC connection should make it clear who, ultimately, is behind the effort. And while some may like Govs Walker and Perry, or perhaps Carly Fiorina, what they have in common when it comes to presidential politics is losing. Perhaps it’s little wonder Mair is associated with them. When she’s not resigning for hurting her candidate’s campaign:‘ Under fire, Walker aide Liz Mair resigns,’ she’s dumping on her former employer for everyone to see: Liz Mair Unleashes Tweetstorm on Why Walker Campaign Failed.

Talk about class and professionalism. True to form, her online fundraising to take down Trump appears to be losing, too. Exactly how much Mair can accomplish with, at this time, all of $356 to take on Trump, remains to be seen. But then, accomplishment doesn’t seem to be Mair’s middle name. As for the other Keystone Cop, that’s none other than GOP establishment consultant Rick Wilson.

Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant, said in an interview that he is prepared to make ads for the new group. Mr. Wilson isn’t involved in fundraising but predicted that a number of Republican donors will start bankrolling an anti-Trump effort.

Wilson’s claim to fame this political season is calling Ann Coulter a prostitute: GOP Consultant Rick Wilson Calls Ann Coulter a Prostitute, Apologizes to His Friends — and the classless act wasn’t done there. For his next trick, the diminutive GOP dog and pony show insinuated that Trump paid Coulter for anal sex: Meltdown Day 2: Rick Wilson Asks Ann Coulter If Donald Trump ‘Pays More for Anal’. The two of them just reek of… well, something, but it’s neither class, nor professionalism this go round, that’s for sure.

That these are the two best clowns the GOP establishment could come up with to go after Donald trump says more about the GOP than it does Trump. And their continued refusal to let their very own voters have their say is indicative of a party that has lost its way, if not its mind, as well.

There’s more to the story here, via the Wall Street Journal — and likely still much more to come on this topic here. But if you’re a gambler, or an investor, you might be better off putting your money on the successful businessman, as opposed to the low-class Keystone Cops the GOP establishment has so far enlisted to go to war with him.

The super PAC supporting Mr. Kasich, New Day for America, on Thursday began airing a series of ads that show Mr. Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson while invoking the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks. “On-the-job training for president does not work,” an ad says.

Mr. Trump responded by threatening to sue the super PAC. “John Kasich should focus his special-interest money on building up his failed image, not negative ads on me,” Mr. Trump said in one of a stream of posts on Twitter.


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