Donald Trump Rips ‘Dishonest Media,’ Wants ‘Surveillance of Certain Mosques’

Michael Patrick Leahy

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama–GOP front runner Donald Trump is tearing into the media, and vowing to fight terrorists.

Before an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex on Saturday, Trump told the crowd, “They’re dishonest people. The media is so dishonest.”

Trump then set the record straight on how he wants to deal with the ISIS terrorist threat to America.

“I want surveillance of certain mosques,” he told the crowd. “You know what? We’ve had it before and we’ll have it again.”

The New York real estate billionaire mocked how the media will react to this announcement.

“Oh, they’re going to make such a big deal, …’he [Trump] said something so politically incorrect.’ ”

“That’s why we’re going to hell,” Trump told the crowd, “because we’re so politically correct.”

Trump also stated his actual position on the database issue that has been reported inaccurately by the mainstream media.

“I will absolutely take a database of the people coming in from Syria if we can’t stop it. But we’re going to,” Trump said.

“And if I win, I’ve made it known, if I win, they’re going back. We can’t have them,” he added.

The threat of terrorist attack by ISIS and ISIS sympathizers on American soil after the recent Paris attacks loom large in Trump’s policy prescriptions.

“You see what happened. A few nut jobs in Paris. A few total nuts, low lifes, the guy with the dirty hat… he’s no mastermind, he’s a lowlife,” Trump added.

But the media, Trump says, is not honestly reporting his policy positions.

“Today, in the New York Times, they had a report on the front page that was false,” Trump said. “Front page… But it’s a false story. And Breitbart wrote it correctly, and now The Times is suffering.”

Trump explained the origin of the false meme created and spread by the mainstream media that he had called for the registry of all Muslims in America in a data base:

Yesterday, some little wise guy, he looks like he was 12 years old, he’s got a camera. I’m signing autographs. He’s asking me questions. Talking about the wall. And I’m signing autographs. Talking about the wall. I’m going to build this… And there’s music plating in the background, and I’m leaving and this little wise guy is sitting there and he says to me questions… I’m just not even and I said to him, who are you with, and he said NBC, and once he said that I didn’t even bother answering his questions any more.

“And the biggest story of yesterday was ‘Trump Wants Database of Muslims,'” and I said “What’s all happening here?” Trump asked, incredulously.

“I spoke to the reporter for The Times. And I think I made it clear,” he said.

“And, I also said, number one, you couldn’t hear very well because it’s like you’re walking over here…. but regardless of that … but I do want a database for those people coming in, but I also insist on the wall, and it was all fine…and all of a sudden I end up with some stories, and I say ‘What are you talking about?'” Trump noted.

The event began on schedule at 11 am local time, when Trump bound on stage to the strains of “Sweet Home Alabama,” and lit into President Obama.

“We have a president who has represented us very poorly,” he began.

He also blasted the media for referring to the ISIS terrorists as “masterminds.”

“You can’t call these dopes, they’re dopes– they’ve got IQs that are low, believe me– you can’t call the leader of the dopes a mastermind,” Trump noted.

“Don’t call them masterminds. You’re building them up, you’re building them up, you’re building up their image,” Trump said.

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The GOP front runner also criticized President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry for negotiating a bad deal with Iran.

“You know, we have a president who doesn’t know anything about what we’re talking about. He doesn’t know. In Iran, he calls the head, ‘the Supreme Leader.’ Yes. ‘The Supreme Leader.’ I promise you, I will never call him ‘The Supreme Leader,'” Trump said.

“We’re going to renegotiate the [Iran deal]. We’re going to make it much better,” Trump promised.

“Here we have Kerry, weak, ineffective, begging to make a deal, and we had all the cards!”

Trump also hit on the other major themes of his campaign, including the need for leadership, borders, and a wall at the border.

“We need leadership so badly. We’re laughed at. We’re scoffed at. We’re robbed,” Trump said.

“We have to take our country back. We have to bring our jobs back. We have to bring trade back. We have to repeal Obamacare. We have to replace it with something great,” he noted.

“We have to establish borders and we have to build a wall. We have to build a wall,” Trump said.

“We have to and we will. It will be a great wall.”

The audience responded by breaking into a chant: “Build That Wall! Build That Wall! Build That Wall!”

Trump then circled the stage, conducting the orchestra of “Build That Wall!” chants from the audience.

“Who builds better than me?” he asked. “Nobody!” he answered.

Trump also took a new direction in his criticisms of the Democrat front runner, Hillary Clinton.

“She doesn’t have the strength, and she doesn’t have the stamina. We need a president with unbelievable strength and stamina, and Hillary [Clinton] doesn’t have it. She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina,” Trump said.

He also returned to a theme that has been a key to his campaign from its inception–restoring a strong military to the United States.

“I’m going to make our military so powerful, so strong, so strong. I’m going to make it so incredibly powerful and strong that we’ll never have to use it. Nobody’s going to mess with us, folks.”

“We’re going to be so powerful. Do you know how cheap that is, as opposed to fighting wars all the time?”

“Nobody respects us. We have a president that nobody respects. We have generals, they’re always on television,” Trump said.

Then Trump mocked the current crop of Obama generals and how they are perceived in the media.

“General, I would like to ask, how are we doing with ISIS?” Trump asked, pretending to be a reporter.

“Not good, they’re very tough, they’re very tough.” he responded, face down cast, pretending to be one of Obama’s generals.

“Well General, can we beat them?” he asked, parodying a reporter.

“I don’t know,” he responded, mimicking a downcast general.

“Let me tell you,” Trump said, “my generals are going to kick ass, and they’re not going on television.”

“We have a bunch of lightweights. We have a bunch of people who shouldn’t be doing this. We have people that shouldn’t be leading us,” he stated.

“In our services, I will find the general, I will find the admiral, we have them. We have General MacArthur. We have General Patton. You’ve got to know how to figure people,” Trump added.

Trump also hinted that he might bring back General Stanley McChrystal, who was fired after he gave an interview to Rolling Stone Magazine that included politically incorrect language.

“We had one general, who was really tough. I won’t say his name. But he got fired because he was very, very nasty. He wasn’t politically correct. And everybody said he was our best general,” Trump explained.

“And he used foul language all the time. And he got fired because they interviewed him and he was cursing all over the magazine,” he said.

“Bring him back!” someone in the crowd shouted.

“Bring him back,” Trump responded, as he laughed and pointed at the person who shouted out the suggestion.

“We might,” Trump said. “That’s very good.”

During the speech, Trump saw a man in the audience holding up his book, “The Art of The Deal.” He stopped the speech, had one of his team members bring the book to him, signed it, and offered the man who held up the book a job.

“That’s what happens when you’re aggressive. He’s an aggressive guy. Hey, are you looking for a job? I’ll give you a job!” Trump joked with the man in the audience with the newly autographed book.

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Midway through the speech, two protesters on the edge of the crowd started shouting.

Trump ordered the protesters removed from the event. As one of the protesters, a large black man, was being led out the back, he removed one polo shirt to reveal a Black Lives Matter shirt beneath.

As most of the video cameras turned from the front where Trump was speaking to follow the protesters being removed from the back of the facility, Trump called out the media once again.

“Look at those cameras. They’re turned around…. They’re turned around and they’re following the people, the small group of people that made some noise and are being thrown out on their ass,” Trump said.

The event was preceded by a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner delivered by a 21-year-old Marine from Alabama wearing his dress blue uniform, and a medley of patriotic songs performed by the Voices of Lee, an A Capella group from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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