Hillary Clinton Uses Hitler to Justify Taking in Syrian Refugees

REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich
REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign invoked the war crimes of Adolf Hitler to justify her position that the United States should take in thousands of Syrian refugees.

“Important words from someone who found refuge in America,” Clinton’s official account tweeted Sunday evening, along with a photo of a letter provided by her campaign’s deputy director of rapid response Josh Schwerin.

Schwerin also posted the letter on Clinton’s official campaign website. The letter was allegedly written to Schwerin and his brothers in 1986 by his grandfather, who fled Adolf Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s.

“In early 1933, as soon as Hitler came to power in Germany, my economically and socially well situated parents, Theodor and Beatrice, concluded there was little hope for their future and that of their three young sons in the German situation. They decided to provide me with the opportunities of the United States,” Schwerin’s grandfather wrote, describing his sighting of the Statue of Liberty upon his approach to New York Harbor at age ten.

Clinton continues to double down on her assertion that the United States must accept thousands of Syrians displaced by the fighting in their country, despite the fact that Islamic State terrorists could be embedding operatives in groups of refugees seeking asylum in America. The Syria-based terrorist group has repeatedly threatened the United States with attacks like the kind carried out in Paris earlier this month.

Clinton has avoided using the term “radical Islam” to describe America’s enemy, and the Democratic National Committee even put out a widely-condemned ad attacking Republicans for using the term “Islam” to describe terrorists.


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