Anti-Gun Gavin Newsom ‘Might Go Duck Hunting’

Gavin Newsom little car (Max Morse / Getty)
Max Morse / Getty

California’s Lieutnant Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is considering going duck hunting “for the first time” as he looks for ways to bridge the gap with conservatives in the lead-up to a 2018 gubernatorial run.

It is an odd pitch for Newsom, who  supports ” universal health care…gay marriage and mandatory composting,” as the Sacramento Bee puts it. The rift between  Newsom and conservatives is not helped by his current push for a statewide ban on “high capacity” ammunition magazines and his push to require background checks for any ammunition purchased in the state.

But the state’s top-two “jungle primary” system means that even left-wing Democrats need to reach out to conservative voters, lest they provide the margin needed to qualify for the general election.

According to the  Fresno Bee, Newsom has shot skeet before and now says he “might go duck hunting for the first time this year.”

On November 20 Newsom spoke out against law-abiding citizens using guns for self-defense in a Paris-style attack where an active shooter is involved. He suggested the results of the Paris attack would have been worse if citizens had been armed for self-defense.

Breitbart News previously reported that while Newsom is not in favor of guns for average citizens, he certainly is happy to benefit from the security of being constantly surrounded by armed men. He has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for armed security since he first took office as Mayor of San Francisco in 2004.

There is a long tradition of Democratic Party politicians picking up shotguns for political photo-ops, from John Kerry to Barack Obama.

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