‘F*** You, Go Back to Europe!’ Black Lives Matter Took Over Portland Mall on Black Friday

Leo Stratton / YouTube

The attempts by Black Lives Matter to shut down Black Friday shopping didn’t just happen in Chicago; video released over the weekend by video activist Leo Stratton shows that the group also did a shutdown action at Portland, Oregon’s Lloyd Center Mall.

The description links to two previous videos here and here, which show the protesters arguing with Christians and facing SWAT teams:

showed the events leading up to the end result, #blacklivesmatter taking over a major Portland shopping mall during the busiest shopping day of the year, It was the lead story that afternoon on all the 5:00 pm local news affiliates, none of them captured the expanse of it though, here you have Teressa Raiford, with a bullhorn winding up the masses before leading them into the mall to be loud and disruptive!!

The protesters, who appear to be mostly white, can be seen banging drums, chanting and carrying signs.

The video also shows the bizarre, cult-like call and response group chanting of the “People’s Mic” that many first saw at the Occupy Wall Street movement, where the group repeats en masse everything said by a megaphone-wielding protest leader.

In one of the videos showing the lead-up to the mall takeover, an angry protester tells Stratton, “Fuck you, go back to Europe!” and then grills him on whether he is media or not.

Although the Black Lives Matter movement’s successful shutdown of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping area got the front-page headlines, the Black Lives Matter is a national movement, with thirty official chapters. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has ongoing protest actions in Chicago and Minneapolis.

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