Wikipedia Administrator Resigns After Banning Antifa Opponent

Guy Chapman, a Wikipedia administrator with special site privileges, was criticized late last year for banning an Antifa opponent from editing the far-left group’s page. Editors cited Chapman’s pro-Antifa stance as conflicting with policies against administrators using privileges when involved in disputes. Chapman subsequently resigned citing unrelated stress over disputes about the 2020 election results. This month in posts about pro-Donald Trump protestors storming the Capitol over election fraud allegations, Chapman claimed Breitbart News’ coverage of Wikipedia has undermined faith in the online encyclopedia.


Nolte: Left-wing Antifa Terrorists Move into Portland Suburb to Attack Police Station

The ongoing left-wing riots in the Democrat-run city of Portland extended to Thursday in that city’s suburb of Tigard when, according to local police, some 100 left-wing terrorists blocked traffic and defaced public and private property while on their way to the police station, where they broke windows, spray-painted the building, and committed other acts of mayhem.

Portland Antifa

WATCH: Armed Protester Arrested in Portland

Antifa protesters suddenly cheered federal law enforcement agents and officers when they appeared to arrest an armed counter-protester Wednesday. The cheers followed shortly behind anti-police chants outside the Pioneer Courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

Anti-police Antifa protesters cheer cops after they detain an armed counter protester. (Twitter Video Screenshot)

WATCH: Shots Fired After SUV Rammed by Antifa Truck Protest in Vancouver, Washington

Antifa protesters attacked an SUV in a residential area of Vancouver, Washington, during a protest late Friday. The driver used pepper spray as he escaped the rock-throwing crowd. Later, a pickup truck reportedly driven by Antifa blocked the path of the SUV. During the SUV’s escape, a passenger appears to fire two shots into the air before fleeing.

Shots were fired after a SUV and an Antifa Pickup truck stand off in the middle of a Vancouver, Washington, neighborhood street. (Twitter Video Screenshot)