Hillary Clinton Met With Major Donors As Secretary of State

In this Jan. 18, 2006 file photo, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., is greeted by S. Daniel Abraham, benefactor of a chair in Middle Eastern studies, at Princeton University in Princeton, N.J. As secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton opened her office to dozens of influential Democratic party fundraisers, former …
AP/Jose F. Moreno, File

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton took official meetings with major political donors during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Clinton met or communicated with almost 100 corporate leaders and Democratic Party and Clinton-world fundraisers and donors during her four-year term at the State Department, according to a new analysis of her State Department schedules.

In addition, some of Clinton’s schedules that were released as part of the Clinton email scandal omit information contained in her private schedules. In one instance, the publicly released schedule omitted the name of Clinton lawyer David Kendall, who is now representing Clinton during the FBI investigation into her private email use.

Clinton donor interests including the American Federation of Teachers union and Pepsico, a donor to the Clinton Global Initiative, were given spots on Clinton’s private meeting calendar.

The Clinton campaign failed to explain the meetings when questioned by the Associated Press.


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