Rep. Blackburn: Office Of Refugee Resettlement Not Being Honest Or Truthful


Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tells Breitbart News that the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is “not being truthful, honest and transparent.”

“People know that the ORR doesn’t tell us what they’re doing,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn tells Breitbart News Daily host Steve K. Bannon. “They are not fulfilling their obligation. They are not being truthful, honest and transparent and we have been on this.”

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement is a mess. We need to temporarily shut the funding to that, we need to redirect those funds.”

Blackburn also told Breitbart News Daily that information about the refugee programs and processes aren’t being given to Congress.

“Right now those reports are not coming back to us,” Blackburn said. “What we are trying to do, is say look you have to do this, whether it is classified or in public formats the information has to come back to us.”

Blackburn also discussed how the Obama administration is pressuring Turkey to seal its border with Syria and have urged them to deploy additional troops at the border

“I thought it was so interesting when our President told Turkey to seal that border with Syria, they said ‘well you go seal your southern border.'”

“The reason they do that is because they know that the terrorists have said they are going to exploit the open souther border. We know from Judicial Watch and other reports that those terrorist training camps are down there.”

Blackburn told Breitbart News Daily that we need to cut off funding for refugees from areas with significant jihadi movement.

She said that we need, “to prevent federal funds from being used to admit the refugees from Syria, the Middle East, or North Africa” “Prohibit those funds from being used until the federal government can put in place some processes that cannot be co-opted.” She also added that we need, “to be sure we can vet these individuals ourself” rather that having the United Nations doing the vetting.

She also argued that refugees that are here in the United States need to be monitored.

“The reason we do this is because those who illegally enter into the country, and then are given over to their host, you don’t know who that host is many times, because you cant vent them. You don’t know who the individual is in front of you because you don’t know if their paperwork is real or fraudulent.”


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