San Bernardino Terror Suspect Named By Police BEFORE Obama’s Initial Briefing

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The timeline of events in the Islamist massacre Tuesday in San Bernardino, California, shows that Syed Farook’s name was announced on a publicly available police scanner several times prior to President Barack Obama being briefed on the subject – and long before White House officials started to portray the apparent jihad shooting as a “workplace” or “gun control” issue.

11:00 am – Police receive 911 calls saying shots have been fired inside the Inland Regional Center.

11:40 am — Police announce the suspect’s name on police scanner: Syed Farook. This is tweeted by several people who heard it.

12:00pm — Police repeat the suspect’s name, Syed Farook, several times.

12:25 pm – President Obama is briefed on the situation.

6:45 pm – One of the suspects is named in media reports as Syed Farook.

That’s seven hours after the police has announced Syed Farook’s name several times on the police scanner that the media finally reported it. In the meantime, the President, Democrat politicians and the media pushed the “gun violence” narrative.

As Breitbart News reported, even on Friday morning, the Obama White House was refusing to call the San Bernardino Christmas party slaughter as terrorism:

The Obama administration is still reluctant to call the attack in California an act of terrorism, citing the ongoing investigation by the F.B.I. before they might willing to specifically define the event.

At the White House today, reporters questioned Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the reported details of the shooters, including the recent revelation that one of them pledged allegiance to ISIS.

“I don’t want to talk about the situation because there’s still an ongoing investigation to determine exactly what transpired and what motivated those individuals to take the terrible indefensible violent action that they took,” Earnest said.

We’ve seen this sort of “cover-up in plain sight” from the Obama administration working in tag-team with the media before.

The pattern is clear: the Obama Administration is not forthcoming with the American people regarding the Islamist terror threat or in even investigating the threat.

As Breitbart’s Joel Pollak reported after the FBI appears to have abandoned the crime scene in San Bernardino:

For example, the government has done almost nothing with the treasure trove of intelligence information it recovered during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May 2011. Stephen F. Hayes of the Weekly Standard has waged a lonely battle to force the government to take the intelligence seriously–intelligence that could disrupt terror networks and prevent future attacks around the world. “They haven’t done anything close to a full exploitation,” perhaps only 10%, he quoted one analyst in May 2015.

We’ve also seen this style of coverup after the 2012 Benghazi attack.

In a clip that is never discussed or shown by either Democrats or Republicans, you can see for yourself that it was reported live on September 11th. 2012 on CNN’s show Anderson Cooper 360 that the attackers were the group Ansar al-Sharia.

Reporter Jomana Karadsheh says:

Well Anderson, according to the eyewitness up to about an hour ago he describes the situation there as a frontline. Libyan security forces were engaged in heavy clashes with members of an armed group; that is Ansar al-Sharia, that is a radical militant group that is based in eastern Libya. He also reported rocket propelled grenades hitting the consulate building. Libyan army troops were deployed. Roads were blocked off by military vehicles.

As Karadsheh spoke about how the consulate had been taken over and looted, eerie video credited to Reuters/Libya showed the scattered groups of fighters with heavy weapons. They looked like terrorists.

There were also emails that night showing that administration officials knew Ansar al-Sharia was behind the attack.

However, the first official acknowledgement of that Benghazi was a planned attack by Al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Sharia appears to have come from Former CIA Director David Petraeus, in Capitol Hill testimony on November 12, 2012–six days after the election victory of President Obama.

CNN reported that night Ex-CIA chief Petraeus testifies Benghazi attack was al Qaeda-linked terrorism.

The hearing was closed but New York Congressman Pete King spoke to reporters afterwards and said this conflicted with previous accounts.

King said Petraeus’ testimony differed from an earlier assessment the former CIA director gave lawmakers just days after the September 11 attack, which left four Americans dead, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

“He (Petraeus) … stated that he thought all along he made it clear that there was significant terrorist involvement, and that is not my recollection of what he told us on September 14,” King said.

“The clear impression we were given (in September) was that the overwhelming amount of evidence was that it arose out of a spontaneous demonstration, and was not a terrorist attack,” he said.

The most obvious explanation for the delay between the September 11th attack and the November 12th admission is the event that took place on November 4th: the Presidential contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

With the election less than a year away with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Presidential nominee, you can bet that the Democrats do not want Americans thinking about terrorism.

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