San Bernardino Terror Suspect Named By Police BEFORE Obama’s Initial Briefing

The timeline of events in the Islamist massacre Tuesday in San Bernardino, California, shows that Syed Farook’s name was announced on a publicly available police scanner several times prior to President Barack Obama being briefed on the subject – and long before White House officials started to portray the apparent jihad shooting as “workplace” or “gun control” issue.

AP Photo

Govt Pays $2.5M, Congresswoman Capps Claims No Fault in Death of CA Woman

Parents Matt and Raeona Dies cannot bring their young daughter back to life, but have pushed to hold accountable those responsible in the DUI crash that killed her. A quiet early November settlement granted the couple $2.5 million from the United States Government, a co-defendant in the lawsuit seeking damages and asserting the Congressional aide behind the wheel that night became intoxicated on government time. Reports have indicated a possible cover-up from Congresswoman Capps’ office.