Sarah Palin Books Sell Out at California Gun Range Signing

<> on February 26, 2015 in Washington, DC.
Alex Wong/Getty Images, Sarah Palin/Facebook

Their state flag is emblazoned with a giant bear, and this weekend, Californians came out in droves to meet their favorite mama grizzly.

More than 1,000 people waited in line Saturday afternoon for their chance to see former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and get a signed copy of her new book Sweet Freedom: A Devotional.

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Those who were patient enough to spend their day standing for some time in the town of Newhall were rewarded in the end. Not only did Palin sign book after book, she also chatted with her supporters and posed for photos with hundreds.

Excited patriots stood for hours while Palin put her John Hancock on copies of her devotional, which continues to climb the bestseller lists. Considering many of these people own Gadsden flags, it was appropriate that the line snaked up a long driveway. That driveway led to a very appropriate venue.

Sarah Palin / Facebook

Sarah Palin / Facebook

The signing took place at Oak Tree Gun Club, a place where a Second Amendment warrior like Palin fit right in. The appearance by the only woman to ever be on a national Republican presidential ticket was such a hit, all of the books were sold out well before the line of well wishers reached the end.

Many brought campaign memorabilia, shirts, hats, and other items to be signed.

“She was so friendly to everyone she came in contact with,” said Thomas Schmitz, who was in attendance. “Sarah Palin inspires and uplifts others–and she looked fantastic.”

The Palin event came just days after the terror attack in San Bernardino, California. Gun rights activists passed out informational pamphlets, standing up for their precious rights while many politicians are calling for the implementation of gun control policies.

“We need a great American like Sarah Palin to show her support for the range and for our gun rights as a whole,” said supporter Michelle Renfro. “Palin talks commonsense and doesn’t back down from the bullies.”

These Golden Staters clearly love the gov–and the feeling is mutual. After the signing, Palin wrote on Facebook:

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate their sweet freedom at the range today! California’s warm hospitality at this fantastically unique book signing included a mama grizzly bear guarding the book table, thanks to Jim, Betsy, Don and the entire team at Oak Tree Gun Club! This was the best! Thanks for a true California adventure with American patriots proudly clinging to their God, their guns, their Constitution… because they love their freedom!

Saturday’s wildly successful event was just one stop on Palin’s national book tour. Just in time for a new year, Palin is inspiring many Americans to refocus and reload for 2016.


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