Pamela Geller: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The Government

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Columnist Pamela Geller insists Barack Obama has allowed “the infiltration of the Department of State, the Department of Defense, even 1600,” meaning the White House.

When pressed on Breitbart News Daily by host Steve Bannon as to whether or not there was genuinely an “infiltration” of the government by the Muslim Brotherhood, “Unquestionably,” responded Geller. She also discussed Jihad in America and her most recent Breitbart news article contrasting the San Bernardino, massacre to the Garland, Texas attack which ended with no casualties other than the terrorists.

The similarities between the jihad attack on our American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) free speech event last May in Garland, Texas and the San Bernardino jihad slaughter are both striking and unnerving. Both events – our Muhammad Cartoon Contest and the San Bernardino Christmas party — offended Muslims. Both events violated the sharia: one was an art exhibit with depictions of Muhammad in art and literature over the past 1400 years, and the other celebrated a Christian holiday. Both deeply offensive to Muslims.

The jihadis in both attacks trained at shooting ranges. The jihadis in both attacks were also “radicalized” long before they plotted and executed that jihad.

Citing the submittal of a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice, Geller said, “what was interesting was the level and cooperation and collusion between the DOJ and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) … an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial in the nation’s history.”

Geller said it was “bone-chilling” the way Obama invoked Fort Hood in his recent speech on San Bernardino, “For years they denied it was a terrorist attack. They were vigorous in their denials … calling it workplace violence.”

Geller insists the Department of Defense “all along knew” that Fort Hood was terrorism, not workplace violence.

You can hear the entire Breitbart daily News interview with Pam Geller below.


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