Gun Sales–Especially AR-15s–Skyrocket Amid Democrat Gun Control Push

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Gun sales are skyrocketing from California to Green Bay and beyond following the San Bernardino terror attacks and President Obama’s subsequent calls for more gun controls on law-abiding citizens.

The San Bernardino attacks took place on December 2 and Obama’s calls for expanding background checks and banning assault weapons were issued on December 6. Since that time, guns sales have surged around the country.

For example, the Los Angeles Times reports that Gun Boss Armory–Redlands, California–opened to a stream of “rattled” citizens who wanted guns for self-defense on Monday, December 7.  These include numerous people who have never owned a gun before, but are now convinced a gun in the hand is the best means of defense in case of attack.

Gun Boss customer Matt Nicholson said, “I’ve never owned a gun before, [but the attack] was as little too close to home.”

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, NBC 26 reported the same rush to firearms, with gun stores throughout Green Bay “reporting a recent surge in gun sales, and sign-ups for firearm safety courses.” One of the items in highest demand is the AR-15 rifle; a proven, reliable semi-automatic firearm for self and home defense. Family Shooting Academy’s Mike Shea said his store is selling AR-15s “as fast as [they] can receive them” into the store from manufacturers.

In Lynchburg, Virginia, Patrick McNamee manages L. Oppleman pawnshop and he said there has been a rush on guns ever since Obama delivered his gun control speech on Sunday night. According to News Advance, McNamee said, “When the best salesmen in America speaks, sales peak.” He said that AR-15s and other “assault weapons” flew off the shelves and when he calls suppliers to get more they tell him the guns are gone.

In League City, Texas, customers who have never shot guns before are coming in to buy firearms for self-defense. The Houston Chronicle reports that “older women” have been coming into League City’s Clear Creek gun range to guy a gun for the first time, citing the fact that they are “scared of what’s been going on.” Springs Guns and Ammo’s Black Ernst said, “We see more sales any time we get Obama on TV. Our sales have gone up about 30 percent. People get scared there will be more gun laws.”

The South Bend Tribune reports that gun stores in South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana, are seeing a surge of customers coming through their doors as well. Doug Rhude owns Doug’s Guns in Elkhart, and he said, “It’s a typical reaction when they start talking gun control. But, this time they’re more fearful for themselves and want to protect themselves. The attack was a big wake-up call for people who haven’t owned or carried a gun before.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger & Co. stocks surged 7 percent on Monday alone. In October, reported that “Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger stocks…[gave] investors 300 percent of gains in the past five years.”

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