Hillary Clinton: NRA Wants People To Think ‘Black Helicopter’ Is Coming To Disarm Americans

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From NBC

Hillary Clinton launched a bitter diatribe against the National Rifle Association (NRA) in her appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC.

“It is not a totally foreign, alien concept that people have guns” for self-defense and hunting, Clinton told Meyers.

“The NRA of thirty years ago is not the NRA of today,” Clinton said. “Today they want people to think the black helicopter is landing in your yard” to “take them away.”

Meyers mostly avoided any loaded questions for Clinton, instead asking her to play celebrity trivia and to find use for Bill in the new White House (“He loves giving tours,” Clinton said).

Clinton’s campaign is consolidating its lead in the Democratic primary, allowing Clinton to breathe easier with a campaign schedule similar to the one designed for Richard Nixon in 1968. Instead of wearing himself out like he did riding the trains in his 1960 defeat, Nixon allowed his advisers to use him as infrequently as possible, making him appear tanned, rested, and ready.


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