‘The View’ Co-host Goldberg: ‘Americans are Afraid’ of Trump’s ‘Bigotry’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” the co-hosts got into a debate about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Host Whoopi Goldberg took a hard line saying Trump is “scaring people,” and calling him “bigoted.”

Goldberg said, “Look, a dog and pony show is always entertaining for a lot of people. This guy is not funny, I’m sorry. Trump is not funny. He’s scaring people … Americans are afraid. People who grew up here are afraid.”

Co-host Joy Behar said “He’s very thin skinned. Most bullies are. If you go after him he goes berserk.”

In the second segment, the debate turned to whether or not Trump is a bigot.

Watch(Part 2):

Host Paula Faris defended Trump saying, “I just want to say something—from those that I have spoken with who have worked for Donald Trump and known him for a long time, they say his hiring practices and who he is, he’s not a bigot. This is a man who has had more female executives, that he has hired more than just about everybody else. He’s very diverse, He’s not a bigot.”

Co-host Michelle Collins said, “The face that he’s putting out there and why people are voting for him is because he’s a bigot.”

Goldberg added, “When you say—when you say Mexicans are murderers and rapists, that makes you a bigot…get rid of all the Muslims, close the borders. This is bigotory—is that even a word?  Bigoted, thank you.”

Joy Behar added, “I don’t hear him saying anything about white males…. he’s not making some blanket statement about white men in this country the way he does about Mexicans and Muslims and women. Sorry.”

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