Former L.A. Mayor: Jeb Bush Used My Name Without Permission

Richard Riordan (Jerod Harris / Getty)
Jerod Harris / Getty
Los Angeles, CA

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, one of California’s most prominent Republicans, told Breitbart News and others Wednesday that the Jeb Bush campaign used his name on a fundraising invitation without permission.

Riordan was listed as a member of the “Southern California Finance Committee” for Bush’s campaign in an invitation to two events Wednesday.

“I didn’t agree to be on any committee, but that’s ok. I’m not angry about that’s just the way politics is,” Riordan said. “I’m not angry about it. That’s just the way politics  is.”

The Bush events were held the day following the GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas. Several of the candidates hopped over to Southern California to participate in the time-honored tradition of making cash withdrawals from the donor “ATM machine” of the Golden State.

One of those candidates was Bush, who held a pair of events in Brentwood and Pasadena. The price of entry was $2,700, the maximum allowable contribution from an individual.  A “who’s who” of prominent establishment GOP donors was on the invitation, but Riordan says he never gave permission to have his name placed on the event.

Instead, Riordan spent the day with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Riordan spoke to reporters about the Bush fundraiser while waiting for Cruz to arrive at a private terminal next to Los Angeles International Airport.

“When we contacted the Bush campaign for comment, spokesperson Allie Brandenburger refuted the Mayor’s denial, saying that they did, in fact, have his consent to use his name.”

“Former Mayor Riordan gave us confirmation to be on the invite,” Bush campaign spokesperson Allie Brandenburger told Breitbart News.

In September, Riordan appeared to endorse Bush during a talk in Pasadena. “Jeb Bush I like the best, he’s a good human being,” he was quoted by Pasadena News Now as saying. “He has sympathy towards others, and he showed that as governor of Florida.”

In June, Riordan gave Jeb Bush a maximum $2700 contribution, according to Federal Election Commission data. He has also contributed to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. He has been critical of Donald Trump, telling The Hill last month that he would flee to a “deserted island” if Trump won the nomination, though adding that Trump would “become sane” if actually elected president.

While Riordan has not endorsed a candidate for President, he said, he accepted an invitation to talk with Cruz on a drive from the airport to a planned Cruz fundraising event in Beverly Hills.


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