2012 Terror Plot Shows Necessity of Citizens Carrying Guns Daily

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On December 17 the Los Angeles Times provided details of a 2012 terror plot based on court documents. The plot was not carried out, but the details of it show that an armed citizenry could have thwarted it in its tracks.

According to the LA Times, San Bernardino attacker Syed Farook and companion Enrique Marquez “planned to throw pipe bombs into the [Riverside City College] cafeteria area from an ‘elevated position on the second floor.’” Court documents show that Farook and Marquez were going to use the bombs in a way that would provide “maximum casualties.” They then planned to leave the college and set up a secondary attack along the 91 freeway–the secondary attack would be a firearm-based attack and would be one that armed citizens could foil.

The attack along the 91 freeway included Marquez taking a high position away from the freeway, while Farook “used pipe bombs to stop traffic.” Once traffic stopped, the plan called for Farook to walk car to car shooting the occupants. Such a plan only works if those occupants are unarmed.

The difficulty of being armed for self-defense in California makes that state a viable choice for such an attack, and it should also wake Californians up to the danger they face because of the endless gun control regulations Democrats have heaved upon them.

The grizzly and inhumane nature of such attacks–and plans for such attacks–is what has motivated Police Chief Randy Kennedy (Hughes Springs, TX), Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County, AZ), Sheriff David Cole (Steuben County, NY,), Sheriff Michael A. Helmig (Boone County, KY), Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum (Ulster County, NY), Sheriff Wayne Ivey (Brevard County, FL), and Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County, AZ), to urge concealed carry permit holders to carry guns every day to fight terrorism.

In fact, the necessity of an armed citizenry in the fight against terrorism and crime is so great that Chief Kennedy warned there will be a “revolution” if Obama tries to disarm the American people.

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