Black Lives Matter Leader Silent on Slain Hero Zaevion Dobson

Zaevion Dobson

Tweets have poured in from California to England to Germany in honor of 15-year-old Fulton High School student and football player Zaevion Dobson who shielded three girls as gang members fired into a crowd of children.

But there has been no mention of Dobson’s death from Deray McKesson, a prominent leader of Black Lives Matter and one of the movement’s social media figureheads.

McKesson constantly reminds his 267,000 Twitter followers that he loves his blackness and their blackness. Yet in a weekend where the prolific tweeter mused about Baltimore rioters, the Democratic presidential debate, and Star Wars, he couldn’t spare 10 seconds to extend his condolences to the Dobson family?

This isn’t shocking. Deray McKesson would rather focus on a handful of bad cops killing black people because that is a lot easier than focusing on the Elephant in the room: black-on-black violence.

“Whiteness” didn’t kill Zaevion Dobson. His death didn’t come at the hands of a white police officer. It was black killers who took Zaevion Dobson away from his family, his football team, and his friends.

Deray McKesson and his belly-aching band of Black Lives Matter malcontents will tweet and march in the streets for criminals like Freddie Gray, but won’t be heard from or seen when black killers slaughter innocent black children like Zaevion Dobson.

And, again, it seems that the only black lives that matter are the ones that can be used to push an anti-police political agenda.

Update: Hours after Breitbart published this article, McKesson retweeted a message about Dobson.




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