Lindsey Graham Quits Race to Avoid Further Humiliation, Finishes at 0.5% Nationwide

Ethan Miller/Getty

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is suspending his presidential campaign, after failing to gain any traction or gain any support–even in his home state of South Carolina, the first primary in the south.

According to RealClearPolitics South Carolina polling averages, Graham barely cracked a single percent in his home state that he’s represented in the US Senate for years.

His national numbers and his numbers in other early states were in many cases worse than that. Graham – who was tied for last place in the GOP field – only averaged .5 percent nationally, according to Real Clear Politics.

Now dropping out of the race, Graham’s significant lack of support anywhere in America–including his home state–is a warning to any politicians that taking viewpoints like his in support of amnesty for illegal aliens is essentially a nonstarter with the entire electorate.

“I want to thank everyone whose taken this journey with me…I believe we’ve run a campaign we can be proud of,” Graham stated in a video he posted online.

On Twitter Graham wrote, “Thank you to everyone who honored me with their support. God bless our fighting men and women & God bless America.”

He said he thinks the Republican Party won’t follow President Obama’s doctrine of following from behind and will lead the fight to keep America safe and secure.

South Carolina GOP chairman Matt Moore argues that Graham still has political relevancy in South Carolina, even after this humiliation:

Senator Graham gave 110 percent effort in seeking the Republican presidential nomination. We are proud of him for being the first South Carolinian in over sixty years to seriously compete for the White House.

Senator Graham has an incredibly strong and loyal grassroots network in South Carolina. Given Senator Graham’s huge primary victory in South Carolina just last year, the Graham network could have a major impact on South Carolina’s presidential primary.


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