Black Lives Matter Protesters Hit Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Again on Christmas Eve


A couple hundred angry Black Lives Matter protesters once again took to the streets in Chicago, upset over the shooting death of Laquan McDonald and what they say is a coverup by Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The announcement came to protest “Mayor Scrooge” Emanuel on Christmas Eve on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile district of Michigan Avenue.

As they did during the much larger Black Friday shutdown in November, the protesters converged at Michigan and Wacker and quickly moved into the streets to stop traffic. They did a “Die In,” which entails protesters lying on the ground.

Protesters also chanted, “Rahm must go.”

Additionally, protesters yelled, “No justice, no profits!” in front of the Apple Store, which remained open.

Signs from the Revolutionary Communist Party could be seen at the protest, and at one point, an SEIU union organizer spoke to the crowd.

Mayor Emanuel, who worked in top positions in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, was reportedly vacationing in Cuba with his family while Thursday’s protests went on. Emanuel has denied a coverup.

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