Smelly Farts, Nervous Woman–Cop Find 8lbs of Meth Wrapped as Christmas Gifts

Police Car Lights
Scott Davidson / Flickr

Rogers County K9 Deputy Scotty Moree and his dog Jack discovered over 8 pounds of meth wrapped as Christmas presents in the trunk of a car.

Moree pulled over a white Toyota after the driver did not properly signal before she changed lanes.

At first, Arizona resident Chanele Benita Pauley, 33, was only going to receive a warning, but her behavior raised Moree’s eyebrows, including excessive gas.

“Chanele was breathing very heavily and I could see the carotid artery in her neck. I observed Chanele to also be shaking,” he wrote. “All these signs led me to believe Chanele was extremely nervous. These signs are not seen while speaking with the general motoring public.”

Pauley told Moree she and Walter Gray Rawls, 43, also from Arizona, were headed to Missouri. However, Rawls said they were driving to North Carolina.

Jack sniffed around the car and barked when he came to the trunk. From The Tulsa World:

Inside the trunk were four boxes wrapped in Christmas paper, along with a trash bag containing the plastic covering for wrapping paper, used tape, napkins and blue rubber gloves, according to the report.

Moree opened the boxes and found several air-tight bags of a white, crystalline substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine, the report states.

The weight of the confiscated drugs was 8.5 pounds, according to the report.

Moree arrested Pauley and Rawls and booked them at Rogers County Jail. The complaints against them are trafficking in illegal drugs.


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