Mexican Federal Police

Decomisan 6 Toneladas para Elaborar Droga Sintética cerca de Texas

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — Una llamada anónima puso al descubierto un cargamento de casi 6.5 toneladas de un químico para fabricar metanfetaminas ocultas en la caja de un tráiler. Los químicos serian llevados a un laboratorio clandestino donde serían usados para elaborar metanfetaminas, revelando un cambio en las estrategias de distribución de droga.

Mexican Federal Police

Mexican Cops Probe U.S. Border Meth Labs after Six Tons of Precursor Intercepted

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — An anonymous call led to the discovery of more than 6.5 tons of a chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine hidden in the bed of a tractor-trailer. The precursors were headed to a clandestine lab in Nuevo Leon. The seizure revealed a change in drug distribution strategies.

Teen drinks Meth

Video: Drug Smuggler Dies after Drinking Meth in Front of Feds

A newly released video of a 2013 case shows the moment that a 16-year-old drug smuggler drinks liquid meth in front of authorities in an effort to fool them into thinking it was juice. Just hours later, the teenager died.


Dozens Arrested in Meth Ring Bust

Authorities in Wyoming arrested 25 suspected drug traffickers accused of running a large-scale meth distribution ring.

REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Meth Lab Found Under NY Walmart Parking Lot

A NBC4i report says that police found more than low prices at a New York Walmart on Monday. Police discovered a meth lab in a drain underneath the parking lot of an Amherst, NY Walmart. The drainage pipe is reportedly tall enough to


John McCain Fundraiser Arrested In Major Drug Bust

Law enforcement authorities arrested a member of the Sen. John McCain campaign team and her live-in boyfriend on Tuesday as a search of their home revealed drugs and drug paraphernalia in the same living space as small children.


Mexican Meth Overtakes US Sources as Domestic Lab Seizures Plummet

The synthetic drug known as methamphetamine (meth) as steadily increased in the U.S., although domestic production has dropped significantly since one of the key ingredients became highly restricted in 2004. As a result, Mexican meth traffickers have seized upon the market opening and are flooding the U.S. Midwest with Mexican meth.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

FL Woman Arrested for Allegedly Doing Meth in Car with Baby in Her Lap

The Jacksonville, Florida, Sheriff’s department recently announced the arrest of a woman for smoking meth in her car, which was parked near the city’s Social Security offices. Shockingly, as she took the drug the woman’s baby was resting in her lap, police said.