Abortion Provider on What to Do with Fetal Remains: Put Them ‘in a Gift Bag’

In this Dec. 17, 2013, photo, an unidentified medical clinician interviews a patient at a Planned Parenthood location in Boston. The regulation of protests outside abortion clinics returns to the Supreme Court for the first time since 2000 to find the justices seemingly more protective of speech and less committed …
AP Photo/Steven Senne

States such as Ohio and South Carolina are grappling with the discovery that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities are contracting with medical waste companies that dump aborted babies into landfills.

The question of what to do about the “problem” of fetal remains is one that was discussed at a recent National Abortion Federation (NAF) conference, and also one that evokes fear in abortion providers.

Pro-life group Students for Life of America compiled footage from the NAF conference that was filmed undercover by Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the group that produced the Planned Parenthood videos. The video above deals directly with the abortionist “problem” of what to do with fetal remains.

In the video, Renee Chelian, a Michigan abortion provider, says, “We thought we’ll give it [the fetal remains] to everybody in a gift bag, they can take it home, figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy – why is this our problem? And I’m saying that in all seriousness.”

Chelian continues:

Nobody wants to talk about dead bodies, nobody but me. There was a point when Stericycle fired us that I had five months worth of fetal tissue in my freezers and we were renting freezers to put them in. So, all I thought about, I was so consumed with fetal tissue, I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and have a bonfire. And, I was just trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped or how far in the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me.

And the garbage disposal was an option, I mean, there was a point that I actually hired someone from another clinic to come in and take 20 bottles and put it into my garbage disposal.

Referring to pro-life activists as “the antis,” Chelian says disposing of fetal remains must be done “in secret”:

When we sent to another state, it became the whole issue of, do we tell FedEx what they’re picking up? How long will it take for the antis to figure it out? And, if we don’t tell them, what if there’s a bad snow storm, like there was this winter, and UPS got delayed, or FedEx gets delayed and their truck starts stinking… I mean, every state law is different. I know when I wanted to actually put the fetal tissue in my car and drive to the crematorium, in Illinois, I was advised by my attorneys that I was breaking several state laws and that, that really wasn’t a good idea. Although, I have a good friend in another state who is currently driving across two states, once a month, with fetal tissue to go to a funeral home and they have an arrangement to send out for cremation. But everything is secret so it’s really scary.

In fact, the problem of what to do with aborted babies has the abortion industry running scared.

“Because we are all one incinerator away or one incineration company away from being closed,” Chelian says. “Whatever your laws are in your state, if the antis know, this could shut us down.”


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