Charles Hurt: Mainstream Media Underwent ’12 Stages of Denial,’ Now Seeing The Rise of Donald Trump

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Syndicated conservative journalist Charles Hurt tells Breitbart News Daily that the mainstream media ignored the rise of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“They ignored it,” Hurt said of the media. “They mocked it and ridiculed it.” He joked the mainstream media reporters have “gone through all 12 stages of denial” and are now acknowledging the rise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a real thing.

“The guy is steamrolling through a lot of places all over the country,” he added, “and they’re mad at Trump!”

Hurt said that thousands of pages of laws were signed by President Obama, but “none of it went to address the shocking problems we are facing right now in terms of debt, in terms of the threats we face from ISIS and their sympathizers.”

“People are beyond fed up,” he added. Hurt said Americans are past the Tea Party movement. “We’re past that now…they want to torch the place and start over again.”

He said people are justifiably angry.

“I’m angry. I can’t believe the way things have gotten so twisted around in this country,” not working is rewarded by this government, while hard work is punished. “It’s a really screwed up thing.”

“They’re desperate for somebody…who will address the problems honestly and forthrightly and in plain language and sometimes harsh language and that’s what Donald Trump does,” Hurt added.

“It’s been something that’s been percolating a long time,” Hurt told guest host Alex Marlow, in for Stephen K. Bannon, about the rise of the anti-establishment. “It’s been sort of slowly accumulating…at some point it was going to have to break.”

Hurt said one of the big issues that has broken the establishment was the left’s control of the media.

“It was a massive disservice,” Hurt said of the mainstream media controlling the narrative. Now with the internet, Hurt says “all of that stuff gets broken down…normal sane people actually have a say.”

“The right is not a monolithic organization that is controlling everything. It’s a loud disaggregation of voices and that’s what we see,” Hurt said, adding that the left is “nothing if not monolithic.”

“Bernie Sanders is giving the Democratic frontrunner a healthy challenge and there are polls where he’s ahead… wthin striking distance of her,” Hurt stressed. “Bernie Sanders is a socialist!”

“It’s amazing that he caucuses with Democrats,” he added.

The idea that this is even a remote prospect anywhere on the horizon of American political thought…communism has killed more people… the idea that this guy is out there…talk about hate speech…this guy is treated as legitimate and the media goes bananas over Donald Trump because he talks about wanting to secure the border, wanting to stop radical Islamic terrorism.

“The idea that the media finds that so much more shocking…it really tells you a lot about where mainstream media is and how completely totally out of touch, lost touch, the entire Democrat Party really is these days,” Hurt said.

He added that the establishment is “terrified of going after any Democrat over anything,” adding that they are afraid to take on immigration, Bill Clinton’s sex scandalized past and Black Lives Matter.

“All I can think is do they have something in their background we should know about,” Hurt questioned. “Who gets nervous about making intelligent arguments about something and worries about being called a racist?”

“She is responsible,” Hurt said of Hillary Clinton’s role in Bill Clinton’s sexual past. “She stood by him every step of the way and she led the charge in discrediting and destroying every single one of these victims.”

“She is absolutely 100 percent culpable and responsible,” he added. “The only war on women I’m aware of is the war on women that’s raged by Bill Clinton.”

Hurt said this opens the lane for Trump. “He just walks right on up and all he has to do is state the obvious at every turn and he has become Teflon Don.”


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