Open Carry Still Places Texas Behind Liberal Maine and Vermont

Open Carry Texas Founder C.J. Grisham displays his handgun open carry style. (Breitbart Texas Photo by Bob Price)
Breitbart Texas Photo by Bob Price

Second Amendment advocates are celebrating in Texas with a new law that allows Texans to openly carry firearms just as long as they have a permit to do so.

Texas therefore joins most other states that allow citizens to either openly carry guns or carry concealed weapons, with the proviso they have a permit. However, this still puts Texas behind several other states where gun owners may carry weapons without permission of the state, including two largely liberal states.

As of November 6, states that allow for what advocates refer to as “constitutional carry” include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming. Advocates of constitutional carry argue that the Second Amendment allows for no restrictions or regulations on gun ownership.

Gun activist Luke Rohlfing tweaked his Texas Friends this morning on Facebook:

Even with open carry becoming legal at midnight, you’re still behind. There are blue states that allow open carry, without a permit. If you want to actually live up to your pro gun reputation, pass constitutional carry. Make it your new year’s resolution so oppose any candidate that didn’t stand up for constitutional carry in 2015.

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