WaPo’s Marcus: Trump Has ‘Said Hurtful Things That Really Can Encourage People to Join ISIS’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” while discussing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being used in a recruitment video for al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group from Somalia, columnist for The Washington Post Ruth Marcus said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has “said very hurtful things that really can encourage people to join ISIS.”

Marcus said, “That is his challenge. But I think to answer your question, it is his to lose right now. He may well not win Iowa. We really still do have questions about whether he’s Trump voters are actually Trump voters as opposed to Trump supporters. But it is — I think only word that comes to mind here watching your interview with him was terrific appalling. In terms of his lack of substance. His lack of deep thinking. His failure to answer really serious questions like the one that you asked him about, what is the implication of your turning up in this ISIS video. Because he said very hurtful things that really can encourage people to join ISIS. And how do you deal with that? He doesn’t have answers to these questions or any serious questions. And I really am just by myself thunder struck that we’re at 2016 and at this point.”

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