Dr. Ben Carson: Tea Party ‘Absolutely Central’ for His Campaign, ‘They’re You and Me’

Ben Carson

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stressed that in America “We are the can do society, not the what can you do for me society.”

“It is absolutely crucial that we begin to teach our children that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you,” Carson said during an interview on The David Webb Show on SiriusXM with host David Webb.

Carson recalled counseling a young man on how to develop his God given talents. He said:

What we don’t want to do is create a whole generation of people who are victims and who scream, ‘Somebody said this, somebody said that’, this is craziness what we are doing to people. We have to stand up and we have to fight. We are tough people. This is America. We are the can do society, not the what can you do for me society.

Carson also commented on the upcoming GOP debate next week in South Carolina, saying that because there will only be six candidates on the stage, it will be “much easier to get into the conversation without being obnoxious and have an opportunity to really delve a little bit deeper.”

He said that politicians are really good at the 30 to 60 second soundbites, “But I can discuss in great depth virtually any subject. The more time I have to do that, the more people understand it and the more they resonate with it.”

Webb asked Carson how important reaching out to the grassroots and the Tea Party at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention is for Carson’s campaign.

“I think it’s absolutely central,” Carson responded. “I believe that if America is to be saved, it is going to be saved by the people, the people who are willing to put themselves out there to get actively involved, and that includes the Tea Party.”

Carson added that the Obama administration tries to demonize the Tea Party, but “They’re you and me.”

“They’re ordinary citizens who say, ‘Excuse me, don’t we have something to do with our government? Don’t we have something to do with the way it is run?’ I salute any individual American who is willing to stand up for their rights and is willing to fight for freedom in America,” Carson added.

Webb also asked Carson about his education plan, which he unveiled exclusively to Breitbart News on Friday morning.

“We need to treat teachers like we treat everybody else in the rest of society. If you are an outstanding performer, you get a reward,” Carson told Webb, saying that his education plan sets aside money “to reward teachers who gain outstanding results.”

Carson added that tenure for teachers versus rewarding them for outstanding achievement is “counterproductive.”

Webb also asked Carson about his tax plan, which he recently rolled out, promoting a flat tax of 14.9 percent.

“Something that is truly fair is something that is truly proportional that hits everybody in the same way,” Carson said of his tax proposal. “In terms of getting Congress to go along with it, I think we have to have some very public debates and let the people actually see who is for them and who is against them.”

“This works,” he touted of his plan. “This will stimulate the economy and we can show that to the people.”


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