Scarborough: Bill Clinton’s Association with Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein ‘Big Problem’ for Hillary — Donald Trump Will Use


Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough warned that the association between former President Bill Clinton and convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein will be something the media will be forced to focus on if Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump chooses to discuss it. And that could be a “big problem” for his wife Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Scarborough said.

According to Scarborough, previous allegations of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions, particularly in the 2008 presidential cycle when Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama, were not discussed in public forums. However, this time will be different because of Trump’s ability to promote a story line and force the media to talk about it.

“By the way, we’ll do what other news shows don’t do,” Scarborough said. “What we do all the time and we’ll actually say what people say off the air and not saying off the air and not attribute anything to the — I am talking about over the past — since 2008. Leading into 2008, everybody that came on the air talked about the same three women that Bill Clinton was having an affair with in 2008 and said, ‘It’s going to destroy his campaign.’ And, ‘It’s going to this and it’s going to that and it’s going to come out and everybody can repeat, give the three women’s names, where they’re from, their positions. That’s the thing that’s kind of remained quiet. The same thing with John Edwards and the affair he was having.”

“You’re right,” he continued. “Everybody was too gentile. There are some people that were smooching Hillary Clinton left-and-right right now that were running around the Washington bureau saying this is going to blow up. It’s kill her campaign. Nobody ever talked about it because everybody played by the rules. The same thing has happened in the lead up to this campaign. Everybody’s talking about, I don’t know this Jeffrey Epstein guy. Is that his right name? People in the know always talk about Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t even know who that dude is but I know that people in the know that are in this media area that don’t do what I do which is go to work and go home and hang out with their kids, they talk about Jeffrey Epstein.”

“There’s going to be a big problem because of Bill Clinton and there’s always a swirl and it’s not by right wingers, it’s by the most powerful people in media and they’re always going like these would be really bad, bad issues for Hillary and Bill if anybody had the guts to bring it up,” Scarborough added. “Nobody does. That’s what makes Donald Trump more dangerous than any person out there. He will bring up stuff that nobody else will bring up and anybody thinking in the Clinton campaign that they’re going to get a break because it’s Donald Trump doing this instead of Jeb Bush, you are in lala land because there are no rules when it comes to Donald Trump for any of us, for any of us, anybody, anywhere.”

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